Puffit X Vaporizer Review

With an appearance reminiscent of a medical inhaler, the portable Puffit X vaporizer is essentially the ninja of portable vapes. But seeing as there’s more to being a portable vaporizer than appearances, you’ll want to read this review to find out what’s really up with this intriguing little vape.

What really sets this particular portable apart from the crowd is the fact that it incorporates an internal fan. You may be surprised to learn that Discreet Vape, makers of the Puffit line of portable vaporizers, was the first to release a forced-air portable vaporizer. Generally speaking, forced-air is a notion reserved for plugin vapes like the Volcano vaporizers, which require an internal fan to fill balloons full of vapor. But while the PuffitX won’t be filling any vape bags, its internal fan does do an excellent job of eliminating any draw resistance. So unlike quite a few other portables, you won’t feel like you’re sucking through a straw when you go to take a puff.

Size wise, it’s about what you’d expect as it’s roughly the size of an ordinary inhaler. With that in mind, you shouldn’t have any trouble stuffing it in your pocket when it’s time to go. Weight wise, it’s actually one of the lightest we’ve come across as it weighs in at approximately 87 grams, which is less than the Pax vaporizer weighs.

It boasts 8 temperature settings to choose from, which can be selected via the rotary style dial. The highest temperature comes in at 430 degrees Fahrenheit, which might seem too hot to some, but we often find ourselves vaping on either the seventh setting, which is 410 degrees Fahrenheit, or the eighth.

As far as heating time is concerned, it takes about 30 seconds to reach vaping temperatures, which is just enough time to grind up your blend in preparation of the vape session to come.

Usage is extremely straight forward. You unscrew the cap on the top, load up your blend, return the cap, and when you’re ready to start, you simply remove the mouthpiece cover and press the top like a button to activate the heating element. When it’s ready, the little light on it will turn green – letting you know that it’s ready to be used. Then, all you have to do is press the top again and it’ll activate the internal fan which will blow the vapor out of the mouthpiece and into your lungs.

Because the Puffit-X uses temperature cycling, you’ll notice that the fan will turn off and the light will go from green to yellow as the heating element powers down. In order to take another puff, you’ll need to press the top again and it’ll jump right back into the heating process – producing another hit of vapor.

At a glance, the Puffit X might seem like an awesome vaporizer and as far as discretion is concerned, it is! But when we examine the quality of the vapor it produces, we find that it’s not quite as impressive as its inhaler-esque appearance.

The idea of a forced air portable definitely sparked our curiosity when it first came out, but since then, we’ve had some time to test it and at this point, we’re not extremely impressed with all that it entails. For us, we tend to prefer some of the higher end portables like the powerful Mighty Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel or the versatile Ascent Vaporizer by DaVinci. But when discretion is of the utmost concern, the Puffits reign supreme. If you’re in need of an extremely discreet portable that won’t drawn unwanted attention when you use it, the Puffit could very well be the vape for you.

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