Volcano vs Mighty - Which Beast Is Best?

When it comes to vaporizer comparisons there’s no shortage of worthy competitors in the universe of conceivable match-ups.  But right at the top of the list would have to be a comparison of the Mighty+ (review) versus the Volcano (review) because each one dominates its field. So, which one would better suit your needs? Continue reading this comparison of titans – Mighty vs Volcano – to find out.

Nimble Titan or Base-bound Beast?

For starters, the Mighty+ vaporizer is a portable whereas the Volcano is a relatively immovable desktop appliance. So if cordless mobility is mission critical then the Mighty is your beast of choice. But if mobility is not an issue then nothing erupts like a Volcano.

There are basically two Volcano vaporizers to choose from — the Classic (review) with its analog temperature control and the Hybrid (review) with its digital controls, hybrid heating, and whip tube delivery system. The Hybrid Volcano is the more expensive of the two and, wouldn’t you know it, it’s the one we prefer. But the Classic churns out identical vapor and will save you a couple of C-notes at the checkout counter. And they both now come in the very cool onyx black matte finish.

Best in Class Vapor

By now it’s fairly common knowledge that the Volcano produces best in class, medical-grade vapor. Irrespective of form factor, the Volcano is the cloud king. But when it comes to portables, the Mighty+ sits at the top of the leaderboard. Its vapor production is, as far as portables are concerned, the best you’ll find (read our review here). Both the Mighty+ and the Volcano are produced by Storz & Bickel so it should come as no surprise that both rank best in class.

Volcano Vapor Balloons

The Volcano Classic vaporizer heats and forces air through the oven where your gently warmed payload releases vapor that flows into a bag or balloon for collection. The balloon’s attachment to the chamber also acts as a mouthpiece and valve. When you’re ready to inhale you just press the mouthpiece against your lips and the valve automatically opens to allow inhalation. If you aren’t familiar with this method it might sound a bit awkward. But take our word for it, once you adopt the Volcanic balloon experience we’re pretty sure you’ll wonder why it took so long.

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What differentiates the Volcano balloon experience from any emulators is its ingenious mouthpiece/valve design. There are no knobs to turn or buttons to push when inhaling from the Volcano balloon because the mouthpiece IS the valve. You just press it to your lips and out flows the vapor in a most natural way. It just opens right up because the valve activates when you press the mouthpiece against your lips.

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The Volcano Hybrid adds precision digital temperature control operable from the machine or by way of the S&B smartphone app, a patented hybrid convection and conduction heating system, and the addition of a whip tube inhalation option.

Peerless Portable Vaping from the Mighty+

The Mighty+, on the other hand, is completely portable, but no slouch at home either. Quite frankly, the Mighty’s vapor production is so impressive that it could easily be your home vape. Especially given the fact it has pass-through charging, allowing you to run on plug power even when the battery is drained.

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Compared to other portables, the Mighty is by no means the smallest. So if you’re looking for something more compact consider its little brother, the Crafty+ (review). And if you’re looking for something even more compact you may wish to consider the IQ (review) by DaVinci. Hey, with a name like The Mighty you really can’t expect the thing to be mini. But as it pertains to this comparison – Mighty vs Volcano – the real question is whether you want to vape on the move or seated comfortably on your sofa.

Mighty vs Volcano – Individual Reviews

There’s really not much we can add that hasn’t been outlined in depth in our reviews of each individual product. In case you haven’t completed your research on either the Mighty+ or the Volcano we suggest you refer to our independent reviews here for the Mighty and here for the Volcano.

If you already know where you’re headed, you can purchase the Mighty from this authorized dealer. If it’s the Volcano you’re after, we suggest buying it from this store. No matter which link you choose, rest assured VapeGuide partners only with authorized Storz & Bickel dealers offering the manufacturer’s full warranty and no counterfeits.