Easy Vape 5 Vaporizer Review

The Easy Vape 5 is like a blast from the past with a new age digital twist and in this review, we’re going to share with you the pros and cons of this inexpensive desktop vaporizer.

The first time we came across this unit, we had heard rumors that it actually induced combustion instead of vaporization so we couldn’t help but put this rumored combustion to the test and we found that the latest model does indeed create vapor, not smoke, which is obviously a good thing seeing as it’s a vaporizer. But before we put that claim to rest, we want to note that the rumored combustion was allegedly the result of its inability to maintain the temperature set by the user. While this may have been a problem with earlier models, the latest version does not appear to have this problem – or at least the one we tested didn’t. Not only does it vaporize whatever you put in it, it does it in an efficient manner, leaving you with evenly vaporized leftovers.

In order to use it, all you have to do is turn it on and hit the set button in order to activate the heating element. You can adjust the vaping temperature by pressing the plus and minus buttons located on the front of it. It hs a nice big display on the front, just above the buttons, which tells you what temperature you’re at so there’s no guessing with this unit.

One of the cooler features that it offers is its ambient lighting. The buttons and the heating element all glow in a nice cool blue color and the display has a black background with a red foreground. The effect is one cool looking vape, especially when the lights are off. We found its nice glow effect to be somewhat reminiscent of the Arizer Extreme Q, which also has a nice cool blue glow that emanates from the bottom. But unlike the Extreme Q, it doesn’t have an internal fan so you won’t be filling up any vape bags with it. However, it does include a whip, which is somewhat the traditional approach to vaporizing.

Now seeing as you load your blend into the whip itself and the heating element is angled upward, you actually need to be a little careful when you connect your packed whip to the heating element, otherwise you may lose some of your blend as it falls out. Another way to do it, one which helps ensure that nothing falls out before you can vape it, is to pick the Easy Vape up and turn it upside down so that you’re pushing the whip up into it. Having to do so doesn’t have us particularly thrilled with its design, but at the end of the day, it’s really no big deal.

As for heat up time, this little plugin vape isn’t the quickest to heat up, but it’s definitely not the slowest. It takes approximately four minutes to reach the set vaping temperature, which should give you enough time to grind your blend.

It’s worth noting that this Easy Vape doesn’t support liquids and oils, only dried blends. So if you’re looking to vape anything other than your typical dried blends, you’ll want to take a look at something else.

As far as the vapor is concerned, this little plugin works surprisingly well. It’s not the best, but for less than a $100, we really can’t complain. What really surprises us about it is that it has a digital temperature control system, which isn’t something you typically see in cheap vapes like this one. So with all things considered, we actually like the Easy Vape 5. It works fairly well, is surprisingly inexpensive, and it allows you to control the temperature with a great deal of precision. If you want to buy one, we suggest buying it from this online store.

If you’re not worried about the cost and are looking for a top of the line desktop vape, we suggest taking a look at the Digital Volcano Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel.