DaVinci Ascent: The Best Portable Vaporizer?

The Ascent is one of those portable vaporizers that just about everyone in the vaping scene has heard of at this point, but just how good it is? In this review, we’re going to share with you exactly what we think about this extremely popular portable vape – both the good as well as the bad.

But before we get into all that, let us tell you a little about the Ascent. It’s a handheld, pocket-sized portable that delivers. It has a nice little digital display that uses OLED technology to help increase battery life and not only shows you the temperatures, both current and configured, but it also allows you to easily cycle through a range of options that you might not know it had.

For instance, one of the particularly cool aspects of the Ascent by DaVinci is its ability to allow its user to easily control the temperature cycle throughout the vape session. As an example, you can set it to first heat up to 395°F and to then hold that temperature for 30 seconds before automatically increasing the temperature to 405°F, holding it for a minute, and then jumping to 420°F and holding it for a couple of minutes before shutting off. With advanced temperature cycling being one of its many features, it’s really no surprise why so many people are interested in it, but back to the real question: just how good is it?

To address this question, we’ll cover what is for many people, quite possibly the most important question of them all: how well does it vape? Vapor production is key and this is by no means a point lost on those of us here at VapeGuide.co, which is why we’re going to cover it in some depth.

Ascents are the real deal. With a temperature range of up to approximately 430°F and an all-glass vapor pathway, they’re capable of producing some of the densest and cleanest tasting vapor of any portable.

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If you’re looking for some light vapor, all you need to do is keep the temperature fairly low and draw rather quickly. But if you’re looking for some thick clouds, you’ll want to crank up the heat a bit and draw nice and gentle. But regardless of what you want, you’ll want to grind your blend – not too much, but just enough to ensure that the warm air can pass evenly through your blend.

What makes them particularly tasty little contraptions is their all-glass vapor pathway construction in which everything from the glass-coated ceramic bowl to the glass mouthpiece is either made from or lined with 100% glass. As glass is an inert material, there is virtually no distortion in flavor and that is just one of the reasons why vaping connoisseurs all over, ourselves included, absolutely love the Ascent. Another reason is the 3-hours of battery life that it offers, which is plenty of time to get the job done.

And if all of this wasn’t in itself enough of a reason for us to crown this pocket-sized powerhouse one of the top vaporizers of 2017, it offers the ability to use a range of blends – everything from liquid to dried, the choice is yours.

In order to pull off the vaporization of liquids, it comes with little glass canisters that can be filled and then inserted into the heating chamber in place of dried blends and like magic, you’re vaping liquids just like you would your dried blends. Simple as that.

To conclude our thoughts on this vape, it’s one of the most popular for a reason and that reason is clear: it’s an awesome little portable that packs some seriously tasty puffs of vapor.

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