Background – Iconic Storz & Bickel Volcano Line

The Volcano Hybrid vaporizer is the latest addition to the iconic Volcano line from Storz & Bickel. In this Volcano Hybrid vaporizer review we’ll explain what’s new and what’s improved. To be perfectly honest, there isn’t a lot to say to the contrary. Read on to find out why.

The original Storz and Bickel Volcano Classic was introduced in Europe in 2000 and quickly became a favorite among herbal vaping enthusiasts. Over the years, S&B continued innovating and improving the line, adding the Volcano Digit in 2007, and latest model – the Volcano Hybrid – in 2019.

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The new and improved Volcano Hybrid model added conduction to the iconic Volcano convection heating process. This has significantly optimized vapor production efficiency and, somewhat surprisingly, vapor quality, as well. The Hybrid also introduced Bluetooth connectivity, a whip tube inhalation system, an optional onyx exterior finish, and other features discussed here in our Volcano Hybrid vaporizer review.

With a history of producing top-of-the-line vaporizers that withstand the vicissitudes of time and fashion, we are always eager to know what the laboratories of Storz & Bickel may be cooking up next. But it will be hard to top the Volcano Hybrid, so let’s dive in and see what it’s all about with this updated Volcano Hybrid vaporizer review for 2024.

volcano hybrid onyx box

What’s New About the Volcano Hybrid?

The Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer is the latest addition to the Volcano line, with exciting features and innovations that set it apart from predecessors and imitators. The most notable innovation is its hybrid heating system, combining conduction with convection for faster vaporization while maintaining optimal flavor.

Another new feature of the Volcano Hybrid is its whip tube vapor delivery option. This allows users to vape through a more traditional inhalation method while maintaining the benefits of the Hybrid’s advanced heating technology.

Additionally, the Volcano Hybrid comes equipped with a Bluetooth smartphone app that enables users to customize, archive, and recall a range of vape session settings.

There are many reasons why herbal vaping enthusiasts should consider the Volcano Hybrid, including leading-edge vaporization technology, build quality, dual inhalation delivery, unique design, and unparalleled performance. In our opinion the Volcano Hybrid is the best dry herb vaporizer available on the market – hands down the top choice for anyone who demands an uncompromised vaping experience. Continue reading the Volcano Hybrid vaporizer review for the details, or check now for promos…

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Hybrid Heating Technology

The Volcano Hybrid desktop vaporizer utilizes hybrid heating technology deploying both convection and conduction to bake the herb, resulting in a more efficient vaporization process than convection alone. Convection involves passing hot air through the oven, aka the heating chamber, to bake the herb, whereas conduction heats the herb through direct contact with a heating element.

S&B have optimized this dual heating process to allow users enjoy the benefits of both methods without any downside. Convection ensures there is no combustion, resulting in pure and flavorful vapor. While precision controlled conduction provides faster heat-up and greater control. The dual heating method extracts every molecule of vapor from your material so you can be sure your ABV is fully ABVed.

For example, hybrid heating technology allows for customizable vaping profiles. Pre-set temperature settings are built in but you an also create personal profiles using either of the two heating methods or a combination thereof.

With its unique blend of convection and conduction, combined with a new feature set discussed further in this review, the Volcano Hybrid desktop vaporizer offers unparalleled performance. Performance that will satisfy the most experienced vapers who settle for nothing less than top-of-the-line equipment.

Inhalation System

The Volcano Hybrid offers two inhalation systems: the iconic bag-balloon method and the new whip tube method. Both offer unique benefits and produce a superlative vaping experience that caters to different preferences. Users can switch methods in mid-session if the mood strikes.

Iconic Bag-Balloon Method

Firstly, a quick description of the Volcano line’s iconic bag-balloon method of inhalation, for which it has been known and revered for over two decades. The bags are made of high-density plastic designed to withstand repeated use, and hold up to 8 liters of vapor.

This method allows users to fill a large balloon with dense flavorful vapor and inhale at their leisure while walking around or stationary. It accommodates easy sharing among a group, as the balloon can be passed around, unattached to the base. It also provides a somewhat cooler vape due to the extended time it takes the vapor to fill up and rest in the balloon.

Simply attach the balloon to the top of the filling chamber and turn on the fan. Precision-heated air is forced into the oven and through the payload, creating smooth, flavorful vapor that fills the balloon. When the bag-balloon is full, turn off the fan, disconnect the bag, and enjoy your session at whatever pace you desire.

One of the benefits of the bag is easy sharing without having to pass around a device or worrying about burning yourself. You can also store an unused vape-filled balloon for a future session. Overall, this iconic Volcano feature continues to make the Volcano one of the most sought-after vaporizers on the market.

Whip Tube Method

The new whip tube inhalation method was added with the introduction of the Hybrid. It creates a direct inhalation pathway by releasing the air-forced vapor into a silicone tuber rather than into a balloon.

The whip tube offers more control over quantity of vapor inhaled, allows for quicker hits, and is a more discreet option for those who prefer not using the large and somewhat conspicuous bags.

The tube has plenty of coil length to cool the vapor, and the airflow is even and free of resistance. The connection joint atop the heating chamber swivels, allowing 360 degree maneuverability.

To use the whip, simply attach it to the top of the filling chamber and inhale as you would with any handheld vape. Gently forced air ensures that the herb is evenly heated and produces consistent vapor.

With the primary heating method set on convection, the whip is no harsher or less satisfying than the balloon. You’ll get maximum air flow without sacrificing flavor or potency. And due to the fan, inhaling is a breeze. This option will appeal to those who enjoy longer deeper draws and more control.

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Bluetooth Smartphone App

The Volcano Hybrid features a Bluetooth smartphone app downloadable from the Google Play store. Unfortunately, Apple has removed the app from its app store… for now. Make of that what you will. Anyway, if you have an Android phone, the app allows remote control of a wide range of session settings.

Update: S&B have made available a web-based version of the app that functions with Apple phones.

The app also saves your favorite settings for easy access in future. Once a user has discovered his ideal temperature and heating profiles, they can be saved and reused.

Another useful feature of the Bluetooth app is real-time data on session usage. Users can view how long they have been vaping, how many bags have been filled, and what temperatures were used during each session. This data can be helpful for tracking usage patterns and ensuring optimal performance going forward.

Volcano Hybrid Onyx

The Volcano Hybrid’s optional Onyx exterior finish adds a visible layer of sophistication to an already impressive design. The scratch-resistant matte black finish is a durable powder coating, rather than paint.

volcano hybrid onyx

In our opinion, the onyx variant exudes a subtle “industrial elegance” while simultaneously manifesting its tough-as-nails build quality, perfectly complementing an already exceptional appliance. Whether used as a personal device, or for entertaining guests, this onyx beast is a veritable objet d’art worthy of any gaze.

Preheat Time

The Volcano Hybrid’s 100 watt double helix heat exchanger significantly reduces heating time. Chambered herb preheats fast – less than a minute to 180C/350F. Faster heat ups mean less waiting around for a quick session during breaks or between tasks.

Temperature Range

The Volcano Hybrid has a wider temperature range than its predecessors, which means more vaping experience options and control. The temperature range is now from 40C(104F) to 230C(446F) (Celsius/Fahrenheit). The expanded range is significant in terms of accommodating concentrates and oils.

Heating Profiles

The Volcano Hybrid offers a full spectrum of heating profiles ranging from pure convection to pure conduction, and all points between. Compared to its predecessors, the Hybrid’s heating profiles offer vastly greater customization. Users can adjust temperature and airflow to suit their preferences and desired effects. Whether you’re a mellow yellow or hard hitter, there’s an appropriate profile for you.

Filling Chamber

The filling chamber/oven/heating chamber of the Volcano Hybrid has been designed to accommodate a variety of payloads including dry herb, concentrates, and oils. With herbal capacity of 0.5 to 0.7 grams you can pack enough for multiple sessions without having to reload. Our preference is to load no more than 0.2 to 0.3 gram, as that is sufficient for most normal sessions.

The chamber design ensures even heating throughout your material and consistent vapor quality with each draw. We found the chamber design to be well formed to prevent waste or spillage during loading and unloading, but be careful because conduction does make the chamber itself too hot to touch.

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Vapor Quality

The Volcano Hybrid produces exceptional vapor quality, unmatched in our opinion. Whether you prefer the whip or the bag, both methods deliver pure potent hits of dense, flavorful vapor. At VapeGuide we have designated the Volcano Hybrid the new Cloud King, displacing the previous title holder, the Volcano Digit.

Build Quality

No Volcano Hybrid vaporizer review would be complete with at least touching on the line’s reputation for build quality. And to that we can attest, the Volcano Hybrid boasts unrivaled German build quality that is at once durable and aesthetic. The filling chamber is made of ceramic coated steel with a heat-resistant plastic lid capable of withstanding high temperatures and long sessions. The housing is made of stainless steel or powder coated steel. And all the components are selected by S&B’s engineers for long lasting functionality and durability. The Volcano Hybrid’s superior build quality more than lives up to the reputation of its predecessors which came before.

What’s Included in the Box

The Volcano Hybrid comes with a range of accessories that make it easy to use and maintain. Inside the box, you’ll find:

  • Volcano Hybrid desktop vaporizer
  • 3 EASY VALVE balloons with attached mouthpiece
  • 1 EASY VALVE balloon with replaceable balloon adaptor
  • 1 filling chamber (including: 1 cap ring, 1 normal screen set, 1 cleaning brush)
  • 1 detachable power cord (new feature)
  • 1 whip tube system
  • 1 air filter set
  • 1 herb mill
  • instruction manual (read it, you’ll be happy you did)
volcano hybrid box contents

Cleaning & Maintenance

To ensure longevity, regular cleaning and some maintenance are required. The filling chamber should be cleaned with a brush or cloth to remove any leftover residue from previous sessions. It is also recommended to occasionally soak the filling chamber in isopropyl alcohol.

The whip tube and mouthpiece can be detached for cleaning using warm water and mild soap. For a more thorough cleaning, soaking in alcohol will remove any buildup of oils.

Regular maintenance of the air filter is essential for optimal performance. Simply detach the filter from its housing and rinse with warm water. Allow it to dry completely before reattaching. By following these simple steps you can keep your Volcano Hybrid humming smoothly for years.

Warranty Information

The Volcano Hybrid comes with a three-year warranty after registration, which is a testament to its durability and quality. The warranty covers defects in materials and/or workmanship that may arise during the warranty. If your unit fails due to a defect within this period it will be repaired or replaced free of charge.

To get the full three years you’ll need to register your product on Storz & Bickel’s website within 30 days of purchase, after which you’ll receive a confirmation email. In case you encounter any issues with your Volcano Hybrid during the coverage period, contact customer support via phone or email for assistance.

Conclusion – Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer Review – Worth the Price?

After thoroughly reviewing the Volcano Hybrid, we feel confident in declaring this vaporizer worthy of its admittedly high price. At the time of this review MSRP = $699. However, discount codes are usually offered at our preferred retailer here.

The hybrid convection/conduction heating technology provides an exceptional vaping experience with precision control.

The whip tube with forced air and the iconic bag are both excellent inhalation systems that offer smooth and flavorful draws.

The Bluetooth smartphone app adds convenience and precision by allowing users to customize heating profiles and monitor sessions remotely.

The onyx exterior finish gives the Volcano Hybrid a sleek appearance that will complement any home décor.

Overall, the performance of this vaporizer is outstanding, making it one of the best options available in the market. With its high-quality build and easy-to-clean design, maintenance should be minimal.

And lastly, with a three-year warranty, customers can rest assured they are investing in a reliable product that will last for years. We hope you found our Volcano Hybrid vaporizer review helpful and will support us by checking out the retail options we have curated and made available through our links.