Plenty Vape Review

Storz & Bickel makes some of the best vaporizers on the market and unsurprisingly, The Plenty is no exception. In this Plenty Vaporizer review, we’ll tell you why.

While The Plenty doesn’t utilize bags or balloons like Storz & Bickel’s other home-use vape, the Volcano, it does produce similar vapor quality and quantity. We’re talking huge clouds of dense, flavorful, vapor. You won’t be pulling any weak draws from The Plenty. Its ability to produce massive clouds is virtually unmatched. This magnificent feat results primarily from its impressive heating chamber design.

The area where you store your blend, which will accept both liquids as well as dried blend types, is huge. It holds a serious amount of dried blend and it vapes it quickly. The result? Massive vapor clouds on demand.

While it’s touted as a handheld vaporizer, it’s worth noting that this classification does not imply portability. That’s not to say that you can’t bring it somewhere and use it, but rather that it requires an outlet to plug into in order to work. So if you don’t have an electrical outlet nearby, don’t expect to be vaping with this beast. But on the other hand, if you’re looking for a vape that packs a serious punch for home use or perhaps to take to a friend’s place to share, this is the one. You’ll never walk away from a session with the Plenty vaporizer thinking that it did you wrong because this beast serves nothing but justice.

How does it compare to the likes of other popular plug-ins? Well, in comparison to the Extreme Q, it packs a serious wallop. You’d be hard-pressed to make one of Arizer’s Extreme Qs produce vapor like this thing does. That’s not to say the Q isn’t an awesome vape because it absolutely is, especially for the price and range of options, but when it comes down to straight vapor production – the Plenty stomps it. No competition. The Plenty simply delivers some serious clouds of vapor and that’s by no means something that every vaporizer can do. In fact, many can’t. Quite a few, for lack of a better term, suck. But not this one. This is one of the best in regards to doing what it’s designed to do: produce vapor and lots of it.

If you want to buy this top of the line handheld, we suggest you buy it from this store. They have some of the best deals around and their customer service is always on point. If you want to check out competing products, see our series of review on other desktop vaporizers,