Original Pax Vaporizer Review

The Pax Vaporizer is an extremely popular portable, but is it really that good? In this review, we’re going to let you know what’s really going on with the Pax, both the good as well as the bad.

Starting out with the bad, what we don’t like about the original Pax by Ploom is that it just doesn’t produce vapor as well as some of the other portables on the market like the Arizer Solo and the DaVinci Ascent. Does it create vapor? Sure. But it’s not the thick clouds that you might expect. Nothing like what you get from a handheld like the Plenty Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel, but that’s hardly a comparison given that the Plenty is a plugin, not a portable.

Now if you can look passed the lack of stellar vapor production, there’s still one other issue we have with this particular vape and it’s not something we’ve been able to ignore. The issue has to do with what happens after extensive use. At first, when you start vaping with it, it works. But after a while, it starts to get dirty. While this might not seem like a problem, it’s not all that easy to clean. So the gunk builds up and after a while, the mouthpiece stops popping out as intended. While this might not seem like much of an issue, the real problem here is that the mouthpiece is basically the “on” switch for the device. When you click the mouthpiece in and it pops out, it turns the power on. So when the mouthpiece starts to get stuck, you’ll begin to have trouble using the device. If you really don’t clean it, it’ll eventually stop popping out. Now that’s when you’re in real trouble because it’ll basically stop working.

Fortunately, the company that makes Pax became aware of this problem and issued a work around of sorts. That resolution came in the form of a lubricant that could be used to keep the mouthpiece sliding in and out as intended, which in turn can be used to keep the vape working. But even this is not enough for us, as constantly lubricating the device isn’t any fun, plus it forces you to buy more lubricant to continue using it. Not ideal if you ask us, but it does work. The other variable here is that you’re placing this lubricant inside of the device, which to us, isn’t something we really want to do. Why? Because it’s a vaporizer and so it’s going to heat up and vaporize whatever you put in it. For this reason alone, we really prefer to stay away from the lubricant and instead focus on keeping it clean. The best way to do this is to clean it thoroughly after every use. So long as you keep up with the maintenance, the Pax should continue to serve you well.

After reading all that, you might think that we’re not fans of the Pax, but the truth is: we are. It has its benefits. For starters, it’s extremely compact. The shape and size make it really easy to carry around and when it comes to portable vapes, that’s definitely a plus. Maintenance and cleaning aside, it’s also really easy to use. You basically load the bottom, click the mouthpiece, wait for it to heat up, and you’re ready to vape.

In total, the “OG” Pax offers three temperature settings. There’s low, medium, and high. The low setting is 370°F, the medium setting is 390°F, and the high setting is 410°F. This correlates with 188°C on the low setting, 199°C on the medium setting, and 210°C on the high setting. In order to adjust the temperature setting, you simply remove the mouthpiece, which comes right out when you pull on it, and inside you’ll notice a little button. Clicking the button cycles through the different temperature settings. When you click it, you’ll notice that the little star-shaped LED indicator on the front of the Pax will change color. When it’s yellow, it’s telling you that it’s on the low temperature setting. When it’s orange, it’s on medium, and when it’s red, it’s on high. Once you’ve selected your preferred vaporizing temperature, you simply put the mouthpiece back in and it’s ready to go.

It’s also very aesthetically pleasing. The design is really cool, which doesn’t come as too much of a surprise given the background of the guys that developed it – a couple of Stanford Design Program graduates. But looks aren’t everything so with all things considered, here’s what we really think about the Pax.

Pax Labs, previously known as Ploom, did an excellent job of designing a cool looking portable vaporizer for a fairly reasonable price, but it isn’t the best portable we’ve come across. Fortunately, it was only the first in the series, as the company has since released not one, but two successors. So while we do enjoy the Pax, it clearly could have been better and the proof is in the fact that the company has since released not one, but two superior portable vaporizers: the Pax 2 and the Pax 3. The Pax 2 is basically an upgraded version of the original that is even more portable than its predecessor and the latest version, version 3, adds another variable to the mix – the ability to vaporize liquid and oil blends as well as dried ones.

Now if you’re intent on buying the original Pax, we suggest you buy it from this store, but if you’re looking for something better, we highly suggest you take a look at some of the other portable vaporizers we’ve reviewed here at VapeGuide.com, like the Mighty Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel and the new IQ by DaVinci.