Pax VS Volcano Vaporizer

This is a comparison of the original Pax and the original Volcano, two vaporizers that have little in common beyond the fact that they both produce vapor.

The first Pax, which was made during a time when Pax Labs called itself Ploom, debut some years ago and after its release, it quickly rose to fame within the vaping space. The Volcano, in contrast, was released years before the Pax and it did something the Pax could never do: it redeemed vaporizers in the eyes of many as a viable alternative to smoking.

At the time the Volcano was released, smokers had begun to lose interest in vaporizers as numerous vapes had been released which were less than stellar instruments. As a result, the vaping industry was in question. But when the Volcano hit, it hit hard. Suddenly, here was a product that did what it was intended to do and it did it well – extremely well. The Volcano’s innovative design has since been copied to some degree, but there’s nothing like the original (unless you count the digital Volcano, the “Digit”). With its debut, interest in vaporizers started to rise and the Volcano quickly established itself as the premier desktop vaporizer.

So how do the two compare? Well, the Pax is portable and the Volcano is not. Pax has a rechargeable battery and requires no cords while in use, whereas the classic Volcano needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet in order to function. Then there’s the size. Pax is small and easily fits in a pocket, whereas the Volcano on the other hand is quite bulky and best reserved for a nice flat surface, like a table, which is in part why it’s referred to as a tabletop vaporizer. So one is compact and portable while the other is somewhat bulky and requiring of a nearby electrical outlet.

As far as the vapor production goes, it’s hardly a comparison. Frankly speaking, the Volcano takes the cake. Its vapor is incredible, whereas the Pax’s vapor is somewhat mediocre in comparison. But as the Pax is intended to be a vape that you can take with you wherever you go, the notion of it producing vapor on par with the Volcano just seems unrealistic to us. So you get what you get. If you’re looking for incredible vapor that’s extremely convenient to inhale, you want a Volcano.

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What really makes the Volcano’s system so convenient is the fact that it fills a bag, also known as vape balloon, with vapor – allowing you to “sip” on it at your leisure or blast it into your face, the decision is yours. But what’s particularly convenient about this system, as it’s not the only balloon vape these days, is its valve style mouthpiece. In order to keep the vapor in the bag when it’s not in use, the mouthpiece has a valve that keeps it shut. But when you press the mouthpiece against your lips, the valve opens up and allows you to draw in vapor. It’s truly as easy as it sounds and part of the reason why we at absolutely LOVE the Volcano, both the Classic and the newer Digit.

As far as temperature goes, the Pax has only three preset temperatures which basically correlate with low, medium, and high heat. The Volcano on the other hand has a wide range of temperatures to choose from so dialing it in to the vaping temperature of your preference isn’t an issue. With the Classic, there’s a little knob or dial that you turn to adjust the temperature to your liking, but with the Digit, you actually have a digital temperature control system equipped with an LED display that lets you choose the exact temperature you want with ease. Both work well, but the Digit is a little easier to use.

Now for another major difference between the two. Pax vaporizers are relatively inexpensive, especially when compared to the Volcano vaporizers which are amongst the most expensive vaporizers on the market. So if you’re looking for something cheap, the Pax is going to be a better option. But if you don’t mind spending some extra money and are truly after the best vaporizer available, it’s the Volcano all the way. Then again, if you need a portable, then the Volcano just won’t cut it and the Pax is going to look like the better option, but if you really want a good portable, we suggest you check out some of the other portable vaporizers we’ve reviewed. We’re particularly fond of the Mighty Vaporizer, which is also made by Storz & Bickel (makers of the Volcano). And for a less expensive option, as the Mighty has quite the price tag, we suggest taking a look at the Arizer Solo and the Ascent as both are good options.

That about does it for this Pax VS Volcano vaporizer comparison. If you want to learn more about the Pax, check out our full review. And if you want to know more about the Volcano, check out our Volcano vaporizer reviews.