Plenty Vaporizer VS Mighty

This is a strange comparison to make given that the Mighty is actually a portable vaporizer whereas the Plenty is a handheld plugin, but we’ll make it anyway as both are Storz & Bickel vaporizers and there are those who are wondering what the differences are and how the two stack up against each other. So here we go.

The Plenty is years older than the Mighty. It came out in a time when Germany’s Storz & Bickel didn’t have any portables on the market. Since then, this reputable vape manufacturer, well known within the vaping community for its Volcano vaporizers, has released not one, but two new portables. One of which is the Mighty, and the other is the Crafty which you can read more about here.

For this article we focus on the Mighty versus the Plenty. ¬†While the differences between these two vaporizers are many, the real difference between them is that the Plenty is a handheld that must be plugged into an electrical outlet in order to function. In contrast, the Mighty requires no such outlet as is powered by an internal rechargeable battery. Given this obvious distinguishing factor there is one similarity in this regard which is the Mighty’s ability to be plugged into its charger and used even when the battery is completely drained. So when the Mighty’s battery is completely drained, it can still be used as a plugin vaporizer, placing it on the same level as the Plenty in this regard, but only while its battery is drained. Otherwise, it has the added benefit of cordless portability.

At this point in this comparison, one might assume the Mighty is the better option, but there are still other variables to explore. One such variable is the quality of the vapor produced by these two popular vapes. With the Plenty, the vapor production lives up to its name – insanely plenty. To keep a level head and describe it, we’re talking about some of the largest clouds you’ve seen from any vaporizer. The reason being due in part to the extremely large heating chamber which provides an impressive amount of surface area, thereby allowing a large amount of blend to be heated quickly. The result of the Plenty’s design essentially allows for massive clouds that far surpass the potential of most of other vaporizers we’ve encountered. But this isn’t to say the Mighty’s vapor quality isn’t good by its own standard. The vapor quality it produces far exceeds most other portable vaporizers we’ve tested and, on top of this, it’s actually better than many the desktop units we’ve used. But while both Mighty and the Plenty are both exemplary devices, they each have their own particular strengths. The Mighty’s vapor is a bit easier to deal with, whereas the Plenty’s is like a blast to the face. In essence, the Mighty feels more casual to us whereas the Plenty is really more of a getting down to business sort of cloud machine for those moments when you just want to get things done.

Adding to the comparison of the vapor between the Mighty and Plenty vaporizers, one big difference is the cooling system used by the Plenty. On the Plenty, you have a coiled cooling tube which the vapor travels down before it reaches the mouthpiece. This provides plenty of time for the vapor to cool before it reaches your throat and works great in our opinion. While this might not seem like much, given the gravity and enormity of the clouds it produces, this feature actually enhances the experience considerably.

In order to change the temperature on the Plenty, you have a temperature dial, which is basically a knob on the side that you can turn to adjust the temperature across a range of settings starting at 266F and ending with 396F. In comparison, the range on the Mighty is wider starting at 104F and ending at 410F. And not only that, it’s easier to adjust and can be changed in smaller increments. These features obviously make the Mighty’s temperature control system is superior.

Where the Plenty has an analog temperature gauge reminiscent of a bicycle air pump gauge, the Mighty offers a large LED display. As both function perfectly well, the difference boils down to merely personal preference.

Adding to the features that the Mighty has which the Plenty does not, the Mighty has a vibration feature allowing it to vibrate when it reaches the set vaping temperature. So if it’s in your pocket heating up and reaches the desired vaping temperature it’ll let you know with a quick shake.

Adding to the similarities, both support dried blends as well as waxes, oils, and other blend types thanks to the liquid pads supplied with both devices.

All things considered, these are two very different vaporizers, but they have their similarities. If we had to choose between the two, we’d have to go with the Mighty because it’s basically everything that the Plenty is and more, without the cord. But all the same, we do recognize that the Plenty has its time and place (when it’s time for business) so we can’t help but recommend both.

If you’re interested in buying the Mighty vaporizer, you can buy it from this authorized Storz & Bickel dealer and rest assured that you will be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and that your product is not a fake/counterfeit. And if you’re interested in picking up the Plenty, you can click here to buy it from the same store.

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