Plenty Vaporizer vs Mighty Vaporizer

Beastly Brothers

This is a somewhat unusual comparison since the Mighty is a true portable whereas the Plenty is a handheld plugin suitable mainly for home use. But we’ll make it anyway as both are Storz & Bickel vaporizers and people wonder about the differences and how they stack up. Two beasts from the same mother, so to speak, the Mighty vaporizer vs Plenty vaporizer. A battle of titans born of the same womb.

First, a little history. The Plenty was conceived years before its portable siblings and born at a time when Germany’s Storz & Bickel did not offer a handheld vaporizer.  The Plenty broke new ground as the company’s first departure from desktop vaping. Recently, this reputable vape manufacturer known best for its Volcano desktop released not one, but two true portables. One is the Mighty, and the other is the Crafty, which you can read more about here.

In this article, we focus on the portable Mighty vaporizer versus the handheld Plenty vaporizer.  While there are many important differences between these two vapes, the most fundamental is the power source. The Plenty is a handheld vape that must be plugged into an electrical outlet at all times. The Mighty is a cordless portable vape powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.  Furthermore, the Mighty can be operated while charging, even when the battery is completely drained. So when the Mighty’s battery is brick dead you can still use it as a handheld plugin similar to the Plenty.

Vapor Quality

At this point in the Mighty vaporizer vs Plenty vaporizer comparison, one might assume the Mighty is the better option. But this would be jumping to conclusions as there are other factors to consider. Both the Mighty and the Plenty are exemplary devices, each with its own unique strengths. First and foremost, there is vapor quality. The Plenty vaporizer has no problem in this department as vapor production lives up to its name – insanely plenty. We’re talking about some of the thickest, most flavorful clouds we’ve inhaled from any vaporizer…ever.

The Plenty’s most plentiful clouds are largely due to its oversized heating chamber which provides an impressive amount of surface area. This allows a for a large quantity of dried blend to be heated quickly, producing massive clouds that fill the room and choke out the competition. Inhaling from the Plenty’s vapor tube is like drawing from the stack of an uphill-lugging Peterbilt – a blast to the respiratory tract you won’t forget.

This is NOT to say the Mighty’s vapor quality is unimpressive by any standard. The Mighty’s vapor quality far exceeds that of most other portable vaporizers we’ve tested and is actually better than many desktops. The Mighty may feel more casual than the Plenty but it is a serious getting-down-to business cloud machine none the less.

Cooling Systems

Another major difference in the Mighty vaporizer vs Plenty vaporizer comparison lies in the vapor cooling systems. The Plenty has a lengthy coiled tube through which the vapor travels before it reaches the mouthpiece. This provides plenty of time for the vapor to cool before reaching your throat and works great in our opinion. While this might seem secondary in importance, given the enormous quantity of vapor produced it’s actually a key feature.

The Mighty, on the other hand, has no lengthy vapor path. So vaping with the Mighty, while still an outstanding experience, is more akin to a normal vape…but mightier.

Temperature Control

The Plenty’s temperature is controlled by a dial on the side that can be turned to adjust across the available spectrum. Temps can be adjusted manually from 266F to 396F.  In comparison, the range on the Mighty is wider starting at 104F and ending at 410F.  Additionally, the Mighty’s temp control is easier to adjust and can be changed in more precise increments. Wider range and finer adjustment make the Mighty’s temperature control system superior.

The Plenty’s temperature gauge is a clock-like analog dial reminiscent of a bicycle air pump gauge. It may be old school but it’s accurate and kind of cool in its own right. The Mighty, on the other hand, uses a large LED temperature display. Both function perfectly well so the difference boils down to personal preference.

Other Features

In the Mighty vaporizer vs Plenty vaporizer match-up, the Mighty enjoys some technological features that were not engineered into the Plenty at the time of its conception. The Mighty has a vibration feature that activates when it reaches the desired temperature. So if it’s heating up while hiding in your pocket it’ll let you know with a quick shake when it’s ready.  Both vapes support dried blends as well as waxes and oils.

Conclusion – Mighty Vaporizer vs Plenty Vaporizer

All things considered, these are two very different vaporizers. But since both emanate from the same high-quality manufacturer they produce similar high-quality experiences. The Mighty produces a mighty cloud of vapor, especially for a handheld device. And the Plenty produces an even more plentiful cloud than the Mighty, but it’s restricted to home use due to its power source. If forced to choose between the two, we’d pick the Mighty because it’s basically everything the Plenty is but without the cord. Having said that, we do recognize that the Plenty has its time and place (when it’s time for getting down to business at home) so we can’t help but recommend both.

If you’re interested in investigating the Mighty vaporizer further you can do so at this authorized Storz & Bickel dealer. Rest assured you will be fully covered by the manufacturer’s two-year warranty and your product will not be counterfeit. If you’re interested in the Plenty, you can click here to buy it from the same store. The Plenty comes with a three-year warranty.

To learn more about the Plenty, check out our review. For more information on the Mighty, check out our Mighty vaporizer review.