IQ Vape Review

The new IQ vaporizer by DaVinci, makers of the Ascent vaporizer, has made its debut and everyone’s excited. But just how good is it? Read this review to find out.

It’s been years since DaVinci released a new vape, so it’s been a long time coming. And after the Ascent, expectations have been high. Fortunately, DaVinci has come through once again. Their latest vape, the IQ, is incredible.

The vapor production is extremely impressive. In a matter of seconds it goes from cold to fully heated and producing thick clouds of delicious vapor, the quality and purity of which is attributed to the vapor pathway’s most intelligent design.

As the vapor travels along a path from the oven where the blend is roasted to the mouthpiece where it exits, the materials used in in the construction of the vapor pathway must be taken into careful consideration. Choosing the wrong materials, as we’ve seen with numerous other vaporizers, can have a negative impact on the quality of the vapor, as taste can become distorted. Which is why DaVinci made it a point to do their research and to choose their materials accordingly. With the Ascent, they used an all-glass vapor pathway. But with the new IQ, they’ve opted for a 100% ceramic zirconia vapor pathway because zirconia remains inert even as the temperature rises well beyond the point at which vaporization occurs.

Beyond its intelligent vapor pathway design, the IQ boasts a wide array of features which include a smartphone app that lets you take complete control of the device and its vape sessions. Which is particularly cool given that it lets you setup custom vaping cycles, similar to what the Ascent allowed, only much easier to use. For those unfamiliar with the Ascent’s user-created vape cycles, what we’re talking about is the ability to automate your vape session by selecting your preferred temperatures and the duration for which you’d like to use them. So if you like to start your vape sessions on a lower temperature and gradually increase it as you go, you’ll love this feature. But this isn’t the temperature control feature that has us particularly excited, as the one we really like is the “boost” option.

The IQ’s boost mode, which is activated by the press of a button, is great for when you want to quickly crank up the heat and squeeze out the final few puffs from your blend. When you press and hold the boost button, the heating element fully engages and begins heating up to the maximum temperature of 430 degrees Fahrenheit. Rather than craft our own automated temperature cycles, we like using the boost option while in “precision” mode– a mode that effectively holds the same temperature for 10 minutes straight. When you let off the boost button, the temperature drops back down as it reverts to the set temperature you were vaping on before you went into boost mode.

As with their last vape, the Ascent, cleaning the IQ is relatively quick and painless. For the most part, all you need to do is dump out the oven and brush it out a little after every session and it’ll stay relatively clean without too much effort. But you’ll also need to clean the mouthpieces and the flavor chamber, which is really just a small compartment where the vapor collects and cools. To clean them, you can simply drop them into isopropyl alcohol, scrub a little if necessary, rinse, and dry. Simple. Worlds easier than cleaning the original Pax vaporizer.

The new LED display system, which takes advantage of an array of low-energy consumption LED lights, works surprisingly well. It seems to be a more evolved implementation of the LED display system seen in the Pax vaporizers. And frankly, in comparison, it works better.

In comparison to the Pax 3, we prefer the DaVinci IQ. While it’s a little less compact, takes longer to charge, and provides shorter sessions per charge, the battery can be swapped out in a matter of seconds, it heats up quicker, and produces a higher quality vapor.

In short, the IQ is one of the best portable vaporizers on the market. It heats up fast, produces vapor that is denser and purer than most, and it offers a wide range of useful features that enhance its usability and ease of use. If you’re looking for a reliable portable that works as well as you’re hoping, look no further – the IQ is what’s up. If you’re interested in buying one, we suggest you buy it from this store. They’re an authorized dealer so you can rest assured that your new IQ will be covered by the manufacturer’s 10-year warranty.