Digital Volcano Vaporizer Review

Storz & Bickel’s digital Volcano vaporizer, known affectionately as “the Digit,” is one of the most expensive dry herb vaporizers on the market. But is it worth the money? In this review, we take a closer look at the Volcano Digit vaporizer and share exactly what we think.

Volcano Digital Precision

Introduced in 2007, the Digit is the second offering in Storz & Bickel’s premium line of Volcano vaporizers. As the company’s “new and improved” product one would expect it to be better in some measurable way compared to the original. But is it really?

In a word, yes. The main difference is the addition of a digital temperature control system allowing one to target the desired vaping temperature with the press of a button. The Classic system uses a manual knob to dial in an estimated vaping temperature. And, while the dial-in method of the Volcano Classic isn’t precise, it doesn’t take long to learn your favorite settings.

Having precise control over vaping temps by way of the digital control panel is a significant improvement. The LED panel reads out the current temp and target temp making precision vaping all the easier. There’s also a 30-minute auto shutoff switch for safety and protection. In our opinion, the uptick in price for the Volcano Digit vaporizer is justified.

Volcano Digit Vaporizer – New and Improved Cloud King

But the real justification for the Volcano Digit’s high cost remains the quality of its vapor. It is nothing short of spectacular – clean, full-bodied, delicious and lasting. It can take up to fifteen minutes to create and consume a single balloon.

And vape-filled balloons can be saved for up for later use. Users have claimed to store vape-filled bags for 8 hours but Storz & Bickel liken a Volcano vapor bag to a fresh pot of coffee – best when consumed within 15 minutes.

This machine is easy to use and built to last, weighing in at 4 pounds. We sincerely doubt that clumsy friends or dramatic story-telling gesticulations will knock this bad boy off the coffee table.

Classic Volcano Convenience in the Volcano Digit Vaporizer

Compared to the Storz & Bickel Volcano, all other balloon vaporizers seem a bit tedious as they fail to incorporate a mouthpiece that doubles as a valve. With the Volcano Digit and Volcano Classic the mouthpiece IS the valve. So instead of turning a knob to release the vapor you merely press the mouthpiece against the outside of your mouth and the valve automatically opens and flows.

Vaping solo with the Volcano Digit is a mega treat, but group session vaping is where the Digit deals a full house. Your friends who haven’t seen it will be blown away and those who already know it will remain duly impressed.
volcano digit vaporizer

The Volcano Digit delivers the same performance as the Classic…with the dial turned up to eleven.

See our Volcano Classic Review for an Exhaustive Investigation

Aside from the digital controls, we struggle to write anything new about the Volcano Digit that hasn’t already been written in our previous review of the Volcano Classic. So if you want the full rundown of all the attributes of this amazing line of vapes we recommend that you read our Volcano Classic review here.

So What’s the Downside?

In terms of heating time, it’s no speed demon at three to five minutes from stone cold depending on load size and taste preference. But once the heat is on the vapor flows and you’ll easily forgive the wait. Other than that, the Volcano Digit packs an extra 8 ounces over the Classic due to the digital control system. But this is something we can easily live with.


All things considered, the Volcano Digit vaporizer is the best vape on the market at the time of this review. But due to its high cost, it’s not practical for everyone. For those on a budget, we suggest a solid desktop vape like the Extreme QBut for those who can afford it, the digital Volcano is the cloud king par excellence.

If you want to buy this top of the line medical grade vape we suggest you buy it from this store where you’ll receive the three-year manufacturer’s warranty as well as an impressive lineup of free add-ons.