Inhaler Vaporizer Review

Need a vaporizer that doesn’t look like a vaporizer? The Puffit is right up your alley. It looks nothing like your typical vape – no, no even close. But it does look a lot like an inhaler, which for those who need something discreet, is perfect. It may come as no surprise to you to hear that the company that makes the Puffit is called Disceet Vape.

While Discreet Vape, which is owned by Lilly Rucky Ltd., has closed their online store, they continue to sell the original Puffit as well as its successors, the Puffit 2 and Puffit-X. So there’s no need for concern if you’re interested in picking one up, as you should still be able to find one at your local retailer. But enough about the business side of things, just how good does this little portable work? Well, we’re going to let you know so continue reading.

Is the original Puffit worth the money? Well, if you want something portable, you might consider it. When you see how cool it looks, you might be sold, but when it comes right down to the vapor it produces, you might not be so impressed.

It looks awesome, no question about that. But when it comes to doing what it’s designed to do, which is to look inconspicuous and vaporize dried blends, it’s not the best we’ve come across. The vapor production is decent for a portable, but you can’t expect to blow some serious clouds of vapor with it because it just won’t happen. If you’re looking for a relatively light puff of vapor here and there, it has you covered. But that’s probably not all you’re wondering, as a good question to ask is always how does it taste? It tastes okay, but nowhere near as pure of taste as the DaVinci Ascent, which has an all glass vapor pathway that produces some seriously clean tasting vapor. So while it’s not at the top of our list of the best portable vaporizers, it does look a lot like an inhaler and it does produce vapor, but seeing as this is a Puffit review and not a review of some other portable, we’ll continue on in our assessment.

Portability is always a concern when it comes to portables. You have vapes like the Wispr, which hardly fits in normal size pockets, and then you have vapes like the Muad-Dib vape and the Magic Flight Launch Box that easily fit into just about any pocket. So where does the Puffit stand in all this? Well, it’s approximately the size of an inhaler so it’s definitely pocket-friendly, although it’s a bit bulkier than you might expect.

Next, we’re going to talk about the cost. It’s not expensive and for someone on a budget, that’s a good sign. But is it really worth your hard earned dollars? Well, if you want a highly portable vape that’s surprisingly sneaky in appearance, you may have found the one. If you really want it, you can buy it online here. But if you want something better, you might want to take a look at some more of our portable vaporizer reviews because you just might find a better fit for your preferences and budget.