The Hot Box Vaporizer by Hot Box Vapors is not the best desktop vaporizer we’ve ever used, but it is a viable option for those in need of a cheap vape for the home or office. It has a relatively simple design, is reasonably discrete in appearance, and it comes in quite a few different colors so there’s a pretty good chance you can find one to fit your style. If you want to buy this dry blend vape, we suggest buying it from this store.

The best aspect, aside from the low cost, is its vapor. You might not expect it from a cheap vape like this, but the vapor quality is actually pretty good. Which shouldn’t come as all that much of a surprise given the nature and quality of the components that have gone into its construction. It utilizes a glass on glass design, one which we can definitely appreciate in this age of cheap plastic vapes. In addition, it uses a solid ceramic nichrome heating element. Together, these aspects of its design work together to create tasty vapor. But while the vapor is certainly tasty, it’s not the thickest. So if you have expectations for huge vapor clouds, keep on looking because this just isn’t it. If that’s what you’re looking for, you should probably take a look at the Volcano vaporizers, which are desktop style balloon vapes, or the Mighty vape if you’re looking for a portable.

When we mentioned the multitude of colors that this vape comes in, we failed to mention the various patterns and designs that it also comes in. While the cost can quickly rise, some of these alternative designs are truly works of art. There’s even one that is constructed from a block of real stone. For those who are looking for a vape that’s something more than a vape, the Hot Box vape offers exactly that: a vaporizer that’s not just a vape, but also a work of art.

As far as weight and dimensions go, the Hot Box is relatively lightweight and compact for a desktop unit. It measures just 7′ x 7′ x 8.25′ and weighs a mere 2 pounds.

For the delivery method, it offers just one: whip delivery. For those unfamiliar, this is basically a tube or hose that delivers vapor to the user. If you’re looking for more options in a single vape, you may want to take a look at the Arizer Extreme or the Vapir Rise. Both of which offer an array of delivery methods which include the whip. The Rise for example, also offers balloons, ambient delivery, and even a multi-user option reminiscent of a multi-user hookah.

When it comes to ease of use, it’s hard to beat this vape. It has just one switch, which turns the power on and off. And as far as adjusting the temperature goes, there’s nothing for you to do as it’s all handled internally via an automated, self-sensing system that determines the ideal vaporizing temperature without any user input. So if you’re a beginner vaper, this is definitely one of the best vapes you can get your hands on because of just how easy it is to use. And for experienced vapers, it’s not a bad buy given its low cost and obvious aesthetic appeal.

While cleaning can be a real chore with some vapes, the HotBox makes it easy. Subsequently, there’s no need to worry about spending a lot of time cleaning it in order to keep up with its maintenance as it doesn’t take much and you don’t have to do it all that often.

The heating time is quite possibly our only area of complaint. While some vapes heat up in a matter of seconds, the Hot Box tends to take minutes. But with all the benefits that it offers, we can hardly complain.

All things considered, the Hot Box Vaporizer is an awesome desktop vape that we recommend for beginners. It’s extremely easy to use, produces tasty vapor, and it can be picked up for less than $150. Given all this, we definitely consider it to be a worthwhile purchase for anyone that’s looking for a simple vape that’s easy to use. If you want to pick one up, you can buy one here.