Pax 2 VS DaVinci Ascent

The Pax 2 and Ascent vaporizers are two of the most popular portables of recent times, but if you’re wondering which one is the better option for you, you’ll want to read this comparison.

When it comes right down to it, both have their benefits so it really depends on what you’re looking for in a portable. The Ascent allows you to vape more than just dried blends as it accommodates the vaporization of liquids and oils via its essential oil jars; whereas the second generation Pax is only designed to work with dried blends. So if you’re looking for a portable that does it all, the Ascent would be the one for you.

The Ascent also offers a wider range of digitally controlled vaporizing temperatures to choose from. The Pax, on the other hand, only offers four temperature settings which, while sufficient, just isn’t comparable to the Ascent.

As far as battery life goes, the Ascent Vaporizer offers much greater usable battery life between recharges, but it does so at a cost as it’s significantly less compact than the Pax 2.

As far as ease of use is concerned, the Pax is the easier of the two to use right out of the box. The Ascent, on the other hand, does require a few moments of experimentation in order get comfortable with its controls. Not a big deal, but worth mentioning.

Now for the real question: which one produces better vapor? It may not come as much of a surprise but the Ascent’s vapor tastes better. This is likely due to its construction which incorporates an all glass vapor pathway, thus ensuring that the vapor is clean and pure from start to finish.

All things considered, of the two, we consider the Ascent is the better option. It does more, lasts longer, and tastes better. But for someone looking for a classy but discreet super compact vape that’s easy to use, the Pax 2 is where it’s at.

If you’d like to buy the Pax 2, we suggest you buy it from this store. To buy the Ascent, our preferred portable between the two, we suggest placing your order through this online store.