What Is A Vaporizer

In November of 2014, Oxford Dictionaries announced that their international “Word of the Year” was vape. According to their research, the use of the word more than doubled in 2014 (this in comparison to 2013).

The word vape, which is both a verb as well as a noun, can mean any number of things. In regards to its usage as a verb, it means to inhale and exale vapor produced by a vaporizer. In this sense, one might say something along the lines of, “I just vaped some cotton candy eLiquid and it tasted great.”

The noun aspect of the word is used as a reference to vaporizers, which are vapor producing devices. The plural noun form of the word is vapes, which means multiple vaporizers.

Vaporizers are devices designed to produce vapor. They use either conduction, convection, or some combination of the two in order to heat up the blend to the point that it vaporizes, producing vapor. Some are used as smoking alternatives while others find use in a variety of areas, such as aromatherapy and mineral diffusion.

Vapes come in many different styles. For instance, Vicks makes ones that are designed to vaporize water for inhaling steam. They work in conjunction with their VapoPads to release an enjoyable fragrance combined with steam. Companies like Grenco Science make pen vapes like the G Pen Elite. While some pens work with dried blends, most of them are designed for use with liquid, wax, and oil blends. Then of course, there are the balloon vaporizers made popular by the likes of Storz & Bickel with their now famous Volcano vaporizers. These bag style vapes fill bags, which are also known as balloons (literally the same thing), with vapor and then allow you to inhale it at your leisure, so to say. Ones like Storz & Bickel’s have a valve attached to the bag that lets you release the vapor as you please. Theirs is particularly nice given that it’s attached to the mouthpiece, a valve mouthpiece if you will, so you don’t have to fiddle with anything – you literally just press it against your mouth and it opens the valve. This makes for an incredibly convenient vaporization system that feels extremely natural when used.

One of the main defining differences between the various vapes pertains to their portability or lack there of. Some are highly portable as they’re compact and cordless while others are large, bulky contraptions that require an electrical outlet to plug into. The Extreme Q by Canadian vaporizer manufacturer Arizer is an example of a plugin style vape, which is also known as a desktop vaporizer.

You might find it surprising to learn that the notion of vaping existed as far back as 1983 when Rob Stepney used the word “vaping” in an article published in New Society that described the devices that are now commercially available today. At the time, the idea of the device was strictly hypothetical.

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