G Pen Elite Vaporizer Review

The G Pen Elite is undoubtedly one of the most popular vape pens around, but is it really worth your money? Continue reading this review to find out as we explore both the pros as well as the cons of this compact portable.

Right off the bat, this little vape had us excited and the main reason for our excitement was actually a combination of two things: its low cost and its high level of portability, the latter of which being attributed to its extremely compact design.

While we haven’t been terribly impressed with the other Grenco Science vaporizers we’ve tested, the Elite is completely different story. It actually works and it works well. Given how inexpensive it is, it’s definitely a contender for the best compact portable vape.

It is, unfortunately, only designed for dried blends so if you need something that works with liquids and oils, you’ll want to take a look at something like the IQ Vaporizer or the Crafty, both of which are incredible. But if you’re content with only vaping dried blends, you’ll definitely want to continue reading this review.

For those familiar with the G Pens that came out before the Elite, don’t be dismayed by what you think about them because the Elite is in a class of its own. It heats up extraordinarily fast – we’re talking seconds, not minutes. In just 20 to 30 seconds, it goes from room temperature to a blazing 400 degrees Fahrenheit. And if you’re wondering how fast that is in comparison to other portables, it’s fast! But it doesn’t just heat up quick, it works – and it works well at that.

It offers a full spectrum of vaporizing temperatures to choose from, which range from 200 degrees Fahrenheit to 428 degrees Fahrenheit. And while that is most definitely a wide range of vaping temperatures to choose from, there’s no reason to feel overwhelmed because it’s easy to select the temperature of your choosing with its digital temperature control system which comes complete with an LCD display.

The heating chamber, also known as the oven, is surprisingly large given how small the vape is. For us, this is definitely a plus because we thoroughly appreciate the ability to be able to load a substantial amount of blend in order to have a nice vape session with friends and that’s something that the Elite has no problem accommodating.

Using it is pretty straight forward. Like with the Wulf Vape LX, you simply press the power button five times in quick succession in order to turn it on. Once it’s on, you’ll see the temperature on the screen. From there, all you have to do is hold the power button down for a quick second and it’ll activate the heating element. If you’ve used it before, it’ll be set to the last vaporizing temperature you used, which is a nice feature because this way, you won’t have to adjust it every time you use it – instead, it’ll just remember your preferred temperature and be ready to go as soon as you turn it on.

The battery life is one of the major drawbacks to the G Pen Elite. It just isn’t what we were hoping for. It’s likely enough to get most users through the day, but you’ll find yourself charging it every night in order to make sure you have enough juice in the battery to use it the following day. But that’s not our only complaint as we also found that the mouthpiece needs to either be replaced or cleaned on a regular basis, otherwise it gets clogged with residue that restricts the flow of vapor. Then there’s the length of the vapor pathway, which is short. As a result of its limited length, things can get a bit warm, but not so hot that it’s an issue. Then there’s our last complaint: the necessity to heat cycle it before the first time you use it. While this is something that we suggest you do with all new vapes, it’s really a necessity with the Elite. If you don’t heat cycle it in order to burn off the leftovers from the manufacturing process, you won’t like the taste. But on the upside, doing so does eventually result in the vaporizer having a nice clean neutral taste.

All things considered, the G Pen Elite is an awesome portable vaporizer for the price. It’s inexpensive, it tastes good once you’ve heat cycled it, offers digital temperature controls that are easy to use, boasts features that we see as a necessity such as an auto-shutoff timer, and it’s insanely compact given all that it entails – which is quite a bit. In other words, the G Pen Elite is definitely a worthy contender for the best portable vaporizer under $200. So if you’re looking for a highly compact portable for a really good price, the Elite is right up your alley.

If you’re interested in buying the Elite G Pen, we suggest you buy it from this store here. That way, you can rest assured that you’re buying an authentic G Pen covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and not a cheap knockoff instead.