Summit+ Vape Review

The Summit Plus by Vapium is a fairly discreet and relatively inexpensive portable vaporizer that works well given its low cost, so if you’re looking for a cheap portable vape that won’t drain your bank account this is definitely one to consider.

It has a compact design that we find similar to that of a vape pen or, perhaps more accurately, reminiscent of a Pax Vaporizer. With that in mind, it’s the type of portable that you can actually fit into almost any pocket. While that might not seem like such an important attribute, we tend to disagree. Quite a few “portables” are a bit too large to be truly portable, the Mighty being one such vape. But being compact is by no means all there is to being a worthwhile portable, so we’re going to examine what is perhaps the most important variable next: the vapor quality.

With the Summit vaporizer, we found that the draw resistance is surprisingly low for a conduction vape. When you take a draw, you’ll notice a bit of drag, but nothing serious enough to give you the sensation of sucking through a straw. Just how much resistance you have when drawing depends on how tightly you pack the heating chamber. We like to pack it loosely and then give it a light press before we begin vaping. This way, it produces some nice potent vapor without too much resistance. If you really pack it in there, you’ll likely find that there’s a bit too much draw resistance. Therefore, we suggest packing it lightly and then giving it a nice little press before you begin.

At a glance, we weren’t sure what to expect in terms of vapor production, but after using it we found the vapor to be surprisingly dense and flavorful. It’s not the absolute tastiest vapor we’ve ever come across, but it doesn’t taste like plastic, and that’s a big plus in our book given how many cheap portables taste terrible. On top of that, the vapor it produces is a bit on the lighter side as far as density is concerned, so while you shouldn’t expect to blow huge clouds of super dense vapor you can rest assured that it does produce totally sufficient and visible vapor.

In total, the Vapium Summit offers 8 distinct temperature settings to choose from. But while there are 8 settings, we found that the best vaping temperatures to use were settings 5 and 6. When we cranked up the temperature beyond level 6, we found that the vapor was a bit too harsh for our taste. So if you’re looking for a tip on how set the temp we suggest sticking with level 5 or 6.

One of the huge bonuses with this particular vape is that it’s actually designed to work in extremely cold temperatures. So if you live in a region where it gets really cold, this vape has got you covered. In addition, it’s also quite rugged. With an outer shell composed of high strength polycarbonate and a thermoplastic urethane grip, it’s one of the toughest little portable vaporizers we’ve come across, which comes as somewhat of a surprise given the low price tag. Most cheap vapes we’ve come across feel cheap, but with the Summit, it actually feels like a vape that’s worth more than what it costs.

The internal rechargeable battery, which is recharged via a standard micro-USB cord, lasts for about an hour. While this isn’t the longest lasting battery, the fact that it uses a micro-USB charging cord makes it easy to buy a power pack to plug it into when you need some extra juice. Also, its design allows it to be used while it’s plugged in and charging (pass-through charging) so you don’t have to wait around for the battery to completely recharge to begin using it again – you just have to plug it in and it’s ready to go.

Like the Crafty, one of our favorite portable vaporizers, it vibrates when it’s ready to be used. So if you turn it on, start heating it up, and toss it in your pocket, it’ll let you know when it’s ready to be used with a quick shake.

As far as cleaning is concerned, you’ll want to clean it regularly. Every 10 or so sessions should warrant a quick cleaning session. In order to clean it, simply use a little rubbing alcohol and one of the included pipe cleaners to quickly sweep the oven and you’re good to go. It also comes with some alcohol wipes which you can use to clean the heating chamber. But when those run out, a little isopropyl alcohol will do the trick.

Here and there you’ll also want to remove the mouthpiece and give it a quick cleaning. It’s magnetically held in place so taking it off and putting it back on is a breeze.

What we don’t like about this vaporizer is that it doesn’t vibrate when it drops into standby mode, the mouthpiece gets a little warmer than we’d prefer and, like many other vaporizers, it needs to be heat cycled before first use. So before you use it, make sure you run it at max temperature for a while in order to burn off anything that might be leftover from the manufacturing process, otherwise you might be in for an unpleasant surprise when you take that first puff.

All things considered, the Summit is easily worth the money. It’s durable, compact, discreet, and it produces some really good vapor for how little it costs. So if you’re on a budget and you’re looking for a cheap vape, the Summit is undoubtedly one of the best portable vaporizers for under 200 bucks. If you’re interested in buying the Summit, we suggest you buy it from this authorized Vapium dealer.