Ploom Becomes Pax Labs

The makers of the Pax Vaporizer, which has become widely recognized as one of the most popular portables in recent years, were known as Ploom at the time of the Pax’s debut, but the company has since decided to change its name. Now, the Ploom vaping company is known as Pax Labs.

Pax Labs makes one of the most popular portable vaporizers in existence. And now they make more than just one kind of Pax, they make three. There are literally three different Pax vaporizers now on the shelves of various vape shops.

If you’re unfamiliar with their vapes, part of their popularity can be attributed to their size. They’re small, sleek, and totally something you can fit into your pocket (or purse). But it’s not just how compact they are that has sparked interest among vapor enthusiasts all over, it’s also their overall appearance. What do we mean exactly? Well, they look cool. Some have even referred to them as the iPod of vaporizers as their slick appearance is reminiscent of an Apple product.

At this point, over half a million Pax units have been sold.

But back to Pax Labs, as they’re now called, and why they decided to change their name. The reason is somewhat simple: they decided to sell their modelTwo and pods product line to JTI. In accordance with the deal, they’ve decided to sell the Ploom trademark to JTI, who previously had a minority stake in the Ploom company, which Pax Labs has since bought back.

In regards to the deal, the founder and CEO of Pax Labs, James Monsees, said in a statement that the “partnership has afforded both parties many mutual benefits, and we are proud of our success with the pods product line,” but that’s not all. According to Monsees, both Pax Labs and Ploom “will profit from this fresh approach.”

“This partnership has afforded both parties many mutual benefits, and we are proud of our success with the pods product line (…) Both companies will profit from this fresh approach. Operating as PAX Labs, our focus on vaporization delivery products will fuel continued growth, especially as we enter new market segments. In addition to PAX, our industry-leading, loose-leaf vaporization product, we anticipate rapid rollouts of new products and further expansion into international markets.”

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