Pax 3 Vaporizer Review

The Pax 3 vaporizer is the latest installment in the Pax series of portable vaporizers by Pax Labs, but just how well does it stack up against its predecessors and the rest of the portables on the market? Continue reading this review to find out.

In comparison to the original Pax, version three comes as a vast improvement. It’s noticeably smaller, incorporates lip-sensing technology, and it heats up faster than ever before. In comparison to the Pax 2, it’s improvements are less noticeable. It is the same size, which is highly compact, but it now heats up more quickly and vapes even faster.

Keeping in line with its predecessors, the latest iteration retains the conductive heating method of vaporization. What this means is that the walls of the vape’s heating chamber, or oven, which some will refer to simply as the bowl, heat up. The user then draws on the mouthpiece, which pulls the vapor from the oven through the vapor pathway where it exits from the mouthpiece. As a result, it’s constantly vaping the material you put in it, which is why we don’t suggest holding onto it for too long while you talk to your buddies because all the while, it’s vaporizing your precious blend.

Like all Pax vaporizers, this new version is designed to support dried blends. But unlike its predecessors, it also supports extracts via its concentrate insert. So regardless of whether you’re looking to vaporize dried blends or oils and waxes, the Pax 3 has got you covered. And if you’re wondering how well it works, the answer is amazing. It’s easy to use, takes seconds to insert, and the vapor it produces is both tasty and potent.

As for the vapor it produces, it’s good. Nice, clean puffs of tasty vapor. These aren’t the massive clouds some of you are hoping for, which is why we suggest taking a look at another portable like the Mighty Vaporizer or a plugin unit like the Plenty as both Storz & Bickel vaporizers produce some serious clouds. But all things considered, Pax 3 does what it’s intended to do: it produces clean, tasty, strong vapor in consistent intervals. Effective and efficient.

If you’re trying to decide between the three Pax vapes that are currently available, this latest version is easily the best choice out of the bunch. It is a vast improvement over the original, which had problems with its mouthpiece getting stuck that required near-constant lubrication, but in comparison to the second, its improvements are much less noticeable. The improvements that stand out the most to us are its ability to vaporize concentrates as well as dried blends, its faster heat up time, and its stronger oven, which Pax Labs claims to be twice as strong as its predecessor’s. It also charges about 30 minutes faster.

Like the second Pax, the latest version offers four vaporizing temperatures to choose from. It also continues to use the star-shaped LED display system and motion-activated controls. If the motion-activated control system isn’t precise enough for you, there’s no need to fret as Pax Labs has decided to release an app, the Pax Vapor App, for it that allows you to accurately control it from your smartphone. The app is also compatible with the Pax Era — a new Pax vape specifically designed for concentrates.

As far as the temperature range is concerned, Pax 3 offers a range identical to its predecessor, 360 degrees Fahrenheit on the lowest setting and 420 degrees Fahrenheit on the highest setting. But with the addition of the new app, there’s now a fifth temperature setting, which is a custom setting that can be selected via the app. Without it, the temperature settings are as follows:

  • Level 1 = 360°F
  • Level 2 = 380°F
  • Level 3 = 400°F
  • Level 4 = 420°F

With the last version, the Pax 2, we found that the best way to use it was to pack the oven completely full with finely ground material. This new version is really no different in that regard, but while the last version consumed a considerable amount of blend as a result, this new and improved variant requires less blend to achieve the same effect as its magnetic oven lid boasts a larger protrusion. This new lid design basically ensures that your blend is pressed right up against the oven’s walls, which in turn results in a consistent and efficient vaporization of whatever you put in it.

All things considered, this is one of the best portable vaporizers currently on the market. Its vapor production is impressive, its heat up time more than reasonable, and it’s so easy to use that even a novice can figure it out in a matter of seconds. And as if that wasn’t enough in itself, it also offers the ability to vape concentrates as well as dried blends. We highly recommend this vape to anyone in need of a solid portable to get them through the day.

Interested in buying the Pax 3? We suggest buying it from an authorized retailer like this store here. That way, you can rest assured that you’re covered by the manufacturer’s 10-year warranty.