Exxus Mini Vape Review

The Exxus Mini Vaporizer is a compact portable offering digital temperature control, automatic shut-off and an aesthetically pleasing design. Best of all, it’s quite affordable. So if you’re on a budget, this little portable by Exxus Vape is definitely worth considering because it’s undoubtedly one of the best portable vaporizers available under $100. If you’d like to buy it now click here to purchase from one of our favorite vape stores.

Due to its extremely compact design, a mere glance at the Exxus Mini vape might not produce an initial reaction of shock and awe. But don’t let its size fool you, this little vape packs a punch. In fact, it works so well we actually prefer it to the G Pen Elite and original Pax because, all things considered, it’s considerably less expensive and functions just as well, if not slightly better.

Designed for dried blends only, with no option to accommodate liquids or oils, the Mini is limited in regard to what you can load into the oven. But when it comes to vaping dried blends it does a pretty good job. The loading chamber/oven is made of anodized steel and is of sufficient size to pack enough dried blend for two. And as a tip, we found it best to finely grind your blend, but be careful not to over-pack it because this will inhibit maximum vapor production. Instead, pack it loosely so that the warm air can flow freely.

The full temperature range is 320F to 410F, which we found to be more than adequate. While you might find otherwise, we like to kick things off at about 375 degrees Fahrenheit when we begin and then crank it up to about 400 as the session progresses. While the low end will produce visible vapor, you’ll want to crank it right up to 400 if you want to immediately produce large clouds.

If your blend is packed loosely, you may choose to give it a bit of a shake during your session in order to stir things up. Otherwise, we suggest opening it up and stirring the pot, so to speak, in order to get the most out of your load.

As the vapor path on this little portable is fairly short, the mouthpiece tends warm the lip just a bit more than one might prefer. As a result, we like to use the silicone mouthpiece cover which is provided in the kit and makes longer duration sessions a more pleasant experience.

Now, when it comes to vapor quality, which is perhaps what you’re most interested in, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that the vapor this little joystick produces isn’t half bad. It’s relatively smooth and plentiful but there is one drawback, it’s not the tastiest. That’s not to say it’s all bad, just that it could be better. However, given the cost of this little vape, we aren’t complaining.

Usage is pretty straightforward, you press the power button five times within a two-second time frame to turn it on, and do the same to turn it off. Once on, the LCD display on the front will illuminate and from there you can adjust the temperature to your liking. In order to change the temperature, simply press the up and down arrows located to the sides of the display.

The display itself is actually quite nice as it’s not only easy to read but also shows important variables such as battery life and temperature. For those who prefer Celsius over Fahrenheit, there’s a feature allowing one to switch back and forth.

The Exxus Mini heat up time is pretty decent, never taking more than a minute and occasionally within 30 seconds, depending on ambient environmental temperature, existing oven temperature and desired vaping temp. But all the same, 30-second heat up time is pretty impressive.

The rechargeable internal battery is rated at about two hours. While this might sound like a lot, actual available usage is considerably less as you only get about thirty minutes of continuous vape time out of it. Not bad, but definitely not great…some might say mediocre.

One of the more impressive aspects of this little vape is its two mouthpiece attachments. These accessories dramatically improve user experience as they greatly diminish any possible lip burning issues by extending the vapor path. In addition, one of the two mouthpiece attachments, the optional Exxus Mini Hydrotube provides for water filtration. If there’s one accessory worth getting it’s definitely the Hydrotube, which is about the same length as the vape itself so you won’t have any trouble carrying it around in your pocket right next to the Mini.

In order to remove the quartz cup, you should to turn on the oven and allow it to heat up. Once it’s warm it’s easy to remove. But because it’s hot to the touch you’ll want to use the tweezers provided in the kit to grab the cup and pull it out. If you don’t heat it up you may have trouble trying to remove it as it tends to stick when cold.

With respect to charging up for the first time, you’ll want to charge it for three to four hours before you use it. Then, heat cycle it by running it up to the highest temperature in order to burn off any manufacturing oils or other residue that might remain in the unit. This is something we do with practically every vape we test and we strongly suggest that you do the same.

Under normal operating conditions the manufacturer recommends that you not charge the battery for more than 2 hours at a time as it could reduce its lifespan or even ruin the battery.

All things considered, this portable Exxus vaporizer is one of the best portables we’ve tested under $100. If you’re on a tight budget and in need of a solid portable to vape dried blends, the Exxus Mini is one of the best options around. Between its quick heat up time, above average vapor, and hydrotube option, it’s a steal of a deal. If you want to pick one up, we suggest you buy it from an authorized dealer like this shop here.