Arizer Solo VS Ascent

Want to know how the Ascent Vaporizer by DaVinci stacks up against Arizer’s Solo? Then read this comparison as we delve into the differences between these two popular portables.

While the Solo, which is made by Canadian vape manufacturer Arizer, came out first, it’s still a more than viable option today and it does surprisingly well when compared to the likes of the much newer Ascent, which is made by the US-based manufacturer Organicix (better known as DaVinci).

Size wise, the Ascent is the more portable option between the two. It has a slimmer design and fits more easily into pockets. The Solo will fit in a pocket, but it’s fairly bulky in comparison. So as far as portability goes, the Ascent wins, but not by all that much.

Seeing as both are portables, the amount of vape time you get from a fully charged battery before requiring a recharge is important and when we take a look at the differences, it’s the Solo that is the clear winner. The Solo tends to offer about 4 hours of continuous vaping while the Ascent only offers 3 hours before it needs to be recharged. For us, we’ve never had a problem with the Ascent’s battery life, but longer is obviously better. So in this comparison, the Solo wins.

Next, we’re going to compare the quality of vapor produced by each unit. You might be surprised to find that they both produce clean, tasty vapor and plenty of it. We’ve found that the Solo tends to produce thicker vapor, but the Ascent isn’t far off. Because both are intelligently designed with all-glass vapor pathways, the vapor that they produce is always clean and delicious. If we were to say one was better than the other, we’d have to go with the Solo. But in this regard, both are rock solid.

As for the price, the Solo vaporizers tend to be less expensive than the Ascents, which isn’t all that surprising given the technology that has gone into the Ascent versus the Solo. Also, the Ascent is capable of more, so having a higher price tag seems to make a lot of sense.

What exactly can the Ascent do that the Solo cannot? Well, for one, it can vape not only dried blends but liquids as well. It does so with its glass oil jars. Simply fill one up, drop it into the glass-lined ceramic heating chamber, and you’re ready to go. So that is, in itself, one big advantage that DaVinci’s portable has over Arizer’s.

The Ascent also has an OLED display that shows the temperature among other things. It’s useful when cycling through the various options that it has and also useful when adjusting the temperature. The Solo has a really easy to use temperature control system, but all of the temperatures are pre-programmed so you’ll have to choose from what’s there. In comparison, Ascents actually allow you to choose from a wide range of temperatures and to dial in the exact temperature via the digital controls, not to mention its advanced temperature cycling option. So in regards to temperature control and features, the Ascent is clearly the winner.

With all things considered, we’re definitely big fans of both. But which do we prefer? Well, both. If it’s a cheap portable vape that packs a punch but is limited to vaping dried blends, the Solo is what’s up. But if you’re looking for a feature rich portable that vapes it all and you don’t mind spending a little extra, the Ascent is where it’s at.

If it’s the Ascent you want, we suggest you buy it here. But if it’s the Solo you’re after, we suggest you buy it from this store.