The Wulf Vape Classic might be the first portable vaporizer released by Wulf Mods some time ago, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a contender; for the money it’s definitely in the game, and here’s why.

For starters, it just works. But not only does it work, it’s fairly inexpensive and extremely easy to use. There aren’t a whole bunch of features to get lost in so all you have to do is load it up, turn it on, and wait for it to heat up before you pull a draw. With only three temperature settings to choose from, you won’t find yourself fiddling for weeks trying to figure out the best temperature setting because it’ll all become apparent soon enough. For us, we prefer the middle setting which equates to a vaporizing temperature of 380 degrees Fahrenheit.

The three temperature settings offered are 360 degrees, which correlates with a red light on the LED display, 380 degrees, which correlates with the green light, and then there’s the blue light, which is the highest setting, at 420 degrees.  Here’s the breakdown:

  • 360 degrees Fahrenheit – Red
  • 380 degrees Fahrenheit – Green
  • 420 degrees Fahrenheit – Blue

Previously known as the Wulf Vape Tundra, the Classic is just one of those simple vapes that you can’t get enough of. It doesn’t do anything particularly interesting that sets it apart from other portables, but its ease of use, simplicity, and low cost are certainly notable selling points. But best of all, the vapor production is surprisingly good given its low cost.

On the middle temperature setting we’ve found it to produce relatively tasty puffs that are surprisingly dense. While it hardly competes with the likes of much more expensive portables like the Crafty, it does a pretty darn good job for how little it costs. Given its low price tag, we’re impressed with how well it works.

The battery doesn’t offer the longest life we’ve seen, but with approximately 60 minutes of vape time fully charged, it should be more than enough to get many users through the day.

One of the biggest benefits to the Classic/Tundra vaporizer is its small size. While some vapes, like the Mighty, are a bit too large to stuff in your pocket, this little guy is more than compact enough to casually slide into most pockets. And as an added benefit, the slim design makes it really comfortable to hold and manageable with just one hand. So if you’re just looking for a simple one-hander capable of covering your daily vaping needs, this little pocket-friendly portable by Wulf Mods has got you covered.

The only real downsides are as follows: the mouthpiece can get a little warm to the touch because it’s located within close proximity to the heating chamber, which you can resolve to some degree by simply inserting the extended mouthpiece tip.  And then there’s the relatively modest density of the vapor itself. While it is fairly dense in comparison to many other portables, it hardly stacks up to the likes of such portables as the DaVinci IQ or the Arizer Air. But if you’re just looking for a cheap portable vape to get the job done, then the Classic Wulf Vape could be just what you’re looking for – that is, if you can get past the last complaint we have: the taste. The taste isn’t the best. Right off the bat, we noticed that it had a less than pleasant smell so we heat cycled it like we would with any other new vape and tried again.  But unfortunately, the smell seemed to linger, at least in our test. If you can look past the smell, which has an impact on taste, then this really isn’t a bad option for anyone looking for a cheap portable.

If you’re interested in buying the Wulf Vape Classic, we suggest you buy it from this authorized Wulf Mods dealer.