The Wulf Vape Classic was the first portable vaporizer released by Wulf Mods back in 2014. But that doesn’t mean the old lobo is no longer in the hunt. Previously known as the Wulf Vape Tundra, this is a simple little vape that just gets the job done.  It doesn’t do anything particularly unique or amazing, but its simplicity and affordability are impossible to ignore.

This little vape came out growling a few years ago but hasn’t lost its bite. In this review, we put the Wulf through the paces and deliver a report on the good, the bad and the not so ugly. In our opinion, the old Wulf still has its snarl on, especially for the money, and here’s why.

Every Day Driver

It may be called the Classic, but unlike a classic car that you leave mostly in the garage, the Wulf Vape Classic is an everyday driver. It’s inexpensive, reliable, easy to operate and it gets ‘er done. Unburdened by a plethora of gauges and alarms this basic little vape just waits inconspicuously until you’re ready to go.  At that point, you just load her up, switch on the power, wait 90 seconds and rev the engine with a full-throttled draw.

Temperature Controls

The Wulf Vape Classic has a useful range of available temperatures, but the settings are limited.  So you won’t be fiddling for weeks trying to revise and optimize. Everything becomes very apparent very quickly once you get started. This little Wulf offers the three most useful temp settings for which it was designed. We prefer the middle of the road setting and here’s how they break down.

  • 360 degrees Fahrenheit – Red
  • 380 degrees Fahrenheit – Green
  • 420 degrees Fahrenheit – Blue

Vapor Quality

Compared to other portables in its price range, vapor production is just OK. We found it to produce puffs that are surprisingly dense but rather mediocre in taste. The main issue stems from an unusual plastic taste that some can detect. We did notice this, so we heat-cycled as we would with any new vape and tried again. Perhaps this smell burns off after the unit has been broken in but, unfortunately, it seemed to linger during our testing period. Other than that, the vape quality was acceptable for such a small and inexpensive device. While it hardly competes with the likes of more expensive portables like the Crafty, it does an OK job for how little it costs.

Battery Life

The lithium-ion fixed battery doesn’t offer the longest vape times we’ve seen – approximately 60 minutes fully charged – but it should have plenty of juice to get most users through most of the day.

Compact Size

One of the strongest features of the Classic/Tundra vaporizer is its small size. Some portable vapes, like the Mighty, are a bit too large for pocket stuffing. But this little pistol is compact enough to casually slide in and out without detection. The slim design makes it comfortable to grasp and easy to manage with just one hand. This is a pocket-friendly one-hander that’s got you covered if you’re looking for a simple and inexpensive daily vaper.

The Downside

There are a few drawbacks to this little economy pocket rocket. For starters, the mouthpiece can get a little warm due to its close proximity to the heating chamber.  However, this can be resolved to some extent through use of the extended mouthpiece tip.  There’s also an issue with the mouthpiece sometimes breaking.  This can usually be avoided by pushing it from the side, rather than from the front or back when removing it.  And then there’s the occasional plastic taste to the vapor, at least during the first few hours of use. While vapor production is fairly dense in comparison to many other portables, it hardly compares to the likes of such portables as the DaVinci IQ or the Arizer Air.

Summary – Wulf Vape Classic Review

If you’re looking for a low-cost portable vape to get the job done, then the Classic Wulf Vape could be just what you’re looking for. Surprisingly, many users report that other than the mouthpiece issue this is their all-time favorite device. This little vape is such a bargain that you can almost afford to use and lose it.  And if you can burn off what we thought was a somewhat unusual smell, then this really isn’t a bad option for anyone seeking an inexpensive everyday portable.

If you’re interested in investigating the Wulf Vape Classic further, we suggest you do so from this authorized Wulf Mods dealer.