Vapir Prima Vaporizer Review

The Vapir Prima is a portable vaporizer from Vapir, Inc., makers of the VapirRise. While it looks cool with its brushed aluminum outer shell, and offers a somewhat unique portable feature with its removable and therefore swappable battery, the real question is how well does it actually work? Continue reading this review to find out.

Yes, the battery is replaceable, but a fully charged one lasts for almost an hour on the highest heat setting. So while the battery can be quickly and easily swapped, it offers plenty of usable vape time standing alone. Additional batteries are somewhat costly but, for an extra hour of vape time, you may find that it’s worth the price.  If holding mega-sessions for an hour or more is in your plan it’s definitely worth picking one up so you can rotate when the situation arises.

Heat-up time is fairly impressive at less than a minute – better than many other portables we’ve tested, but not quite outstanding. The most important feature of the Prima is its vapor production, which is quite impressive. The design employs a stainless steel vapor pathway which allows vapor to move from the heating chamber at the bottom all the way through to the mouthpiece without contamination. Despite the relatively long pathway, flavor is impressive and in line with portables like the Arizer Solo.

While the first puffs tend to be on the lighter side, as the session progresses vapor quality improves markedly to the point where final draws tend to be pretty dense. So if you’re looking for a portable that produces some dense vapor this is one to consider. By adjusting the blend quantity, temperature setting, and draw rate you can gain fairly good control over vapor density.

As far as temperature settings go, the Prima vaporizer boasts four unique settings to choose from. Unlike many other vapes, each setting represents a range.

  • Level 1 = 350-360°F
  • Level 2 = 365-375°F
  • Level 3 = 380-390°F
  • Level 4 = 390-400°F

The heating chamber, also known as the oven, is larger than you might expect. It’s actually so large that we like using the included concentrate pad to take up some space and limit the amount of blend used for solo sessions. But if you’re looking to share, the large oven is definitely a plus because you can fit quite a lot in there, which is nice for passing it around.

If you didn’t catch that, there is a concentrate pad, which is how the Vapir Prima transforms from a dried blend vaporizer to a concentrate vaporizer. To use it, all you have to do is drop it in the oven, place your liquid, wax, or oil blends on top, and fire up the unit as you normally would with dried blends.

Keeping up with the maintenance is easy with this little vape because the entire vapor pathway can be removed, making it really easy to clean.

All things considered, the Prima vaporizer by Vapir is one of the best portables around, especially given its low cost. It might not look like much at a glance, but it is intelligently designed, well constructed, easy to use, easy to clean, versatile in the sense that it vapes it all, and vapor quality is exceptional. If you’re interested in buying the Vapir Prima, we suggest you buy it from this authorized Vapir dealer.