Sutra S-Type Vaporizer Review

The Sutra S-Type is a portable vaporizer that exceeds our expectations given its low cost. While it doesn’t boast a plethora of fancy features, it does the one thing it sets out to do quite well, which is the production of high-quality vapor. If you want to buy it now, we suggest picking one up from this store. Otherwise, continue reading this review to learn more.

Two of the most important features of a portable are shape and size. While this particular vape is pretty small, it is just a tad bit bulky due to its oval form factor. But aside from that, it’s still highly portable. Will it fit into your jeans pocket? Probably. Will it do so comfortably? Depends on how loose you wear your jeans. ¬†Regardless, it won’t be as stealthy as the Pax 3.

Aesthetically, it’s quite pleasing to look at. From the front, it has a somewhat broad appearance, but when viewed from the side it’s actually quite thin. And at just 5 inches tall it’s really no problem to carry around. The best part about its shape is the fact that it’s ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand.

When it comes to discretion, it’s hard to beat the Puffit vaporizers that resemble medical inhalers, but with this Sutra vape you have a vaporizer that actually quite discreet. Its appearance is somewhat unassuming and does well to avoid unwanted attention. Adding to its discretion factor is silent operation attributable to its convection vaping method. Silence, when vaping, is golden.

The oven, which is ceramic, is easy to access. Simply push the magnetically secured mouthpiece to the side and there it is. As for the rest of the unit it’s constructed from a polycarbonate material that is not only durable but just as heat resistant as glass.

Usage, in general, is really straightforward and simple. You basically load it, turn it on, and adjust the temperature using a single button. The same button is also used to turn it off, which we suggest you do after completing a session. But if you forget there’s no reason for concern as, like many modern vaporizers, it has an automatic shut off, which is a nice safety feature that also conserves battery life.

The rechargeable battery offers from three to six hours of juice before it needs to be recharged. For us, it’s enough to easily get us through the day. So in this regard, it actually does quite well. And when it does need recharging it can be used while connected to the charger, which is something not all portable vaporizers can do. A definite plus in our book.

As far as heat up time goes, the S-Type performs quite well as it normally heats up in 30 seconds or less. Not the fastest, but far from the slowest.

While the temperature range is not as wide as some competitors, ranging from 390 degrees Fahrenheit to 480, we did not find it to be an issue as the lowest temperature produces thick and tasty vapor. In total, there are four temperature settings. For really thick clouds go straight to the top, but know that flavor quality diminishes as temperature increases. Our preference with this vape has been the lowest temperature setting, the highest being warmer than necessary for vaping dried blends. But perhaps you’ll occasionally find it useful, especially when squeezing out the oven’s final remaining vapors.

Unlike some vaporizers, especially many which fall within the same price range, the Sutra S-Type has zero plastic in the vapor path, which lends to the quality of the vapor it produces. With above average vapor production, a rugged design that’s easy to clean, and a simplicity in usage that makes it great for novices and experts alike, the S-Type is one of the best portable vaporizers under $200. If you’re interested in buying one, we suggest you buy it from this authorized dealer.