The KangerTech SubVod Mega is a relatively simple vape pen that’s extremely easy to use. While it might not seem like much at a glance, it actually comes as quite the improvement over the original SubVod Starter Kit that it’s modeled after. With improved tank capacity, the ability to control the temperature, and extended battery life, it’s definitely one of the more interesting KangerTech vapes out right now. But all this aside, you’re probably wondering just how well it works and that’s the question we’re here to answer. If you already know you want it, feel free to buy it from this store now. Otherwise, continue reading this review.

The SubVod Mega’s tank, the Toptank Mini, is main from hi-quality stainless steel, durable glass, and offers somewhat universal compatibility via its 510 threaded drip tip design. The atomizer it comes with, which can be swapped out for a variety of stainless steel organic cotton coil (SSOCC) replacement coils by KangerTech, is an SSOCC Nickel 0.15 ohm head that holds up to 4 milliliters of liquid. For added convenience, its design allows for it be loaded from both the top as well as the bottom. And with an adjustable valve to control the air flow, it’s easy to dial it in and get it producing the quality of vapor you’re looking for.

As far as temperature control is concerned, the SubVod Mega offers a temperature spectrum ranging from 428 degrees Fahrenheit to 464 degrees Fahrenheit. While this isn’t a lot of range in comparison to some of the other portable vaporizers on the market, we’ve personally found it to be more than adequate.

The wattage can be adjusted across a spectrum ranging from 35 watts to 40 watts and it has an absolute minimum resistance of just 0.1 ohm.

Between all of the variables that you can adjust, this versatile vaping instrument is more than capable of producing the vapor that you’re after – be it thick or thin. Regardless of how you prefer to vape, you’ll be happy to find that the vapor is — this might not come as a surprise to those familiar with KangerTech’s products — always tasty and satisfying.

Measuring in at just 6-1/4 inches in length by 7.8″ in diameter, this is definitely one of the more portable vapes around right now – not nearly as clunky as the Storz & Bickel Mighty, but then again, the Mighty offers quite a bit more in way of features. Regardless and more to the point, the SubVod Mega is extremely compact, making it easy to tuck away in a pocket, bag, or purse.

All things considered, our only complaint with this easy to use vape pen is that it doesn’t vape dried blends as it’s limited to liquids. But if you’re just looking for a customizable vape pen designed for liquids, then you’ve found a solid option with the Kanger Subvod Mega. If you’re interested in buying it, we suggest you buy it from this store.