The Dr. Dabber Ghost is a cheap vaporizer pen designed to vaporize concentrates such as oils and waxes at a temperature lower than what we see with most other vape pens of its type. But even though it’s relatively inexpensive, there’s still the question of just how well it really works – a question which we’ve addressed in the form of this review. So if you’re interested in knowing how well it really works, read on.

The Ghost pen utilizes high resistance titanium wrapped around a hi-quality wick to produce vapor. Instead of vaping at a high temperature, it vaporizes slowly at a lower temperature, which in turn helps you avoid burning or charring your blends. As a result, there’s no loss in flavor and the vapor that it produces is smoother than what we’ve seen with similar pens.

In order to use it, simply open it up and drop your blend directly onto the coil. And keep in mind, it doesn’t take much to get it going so don’t feel as if you need to pack it full because you don’t – just a drop or two will do the trick. Once you’ve inserted your blend, give it a little power and wait a few seconds for your blend to melt into the wick. Once that’s done, it’s ready to be used. Simply heat it up and begin taking draws.

Unlike with what seems to be most vaporizers, you don’t actually have to heat cycle this little beast. Heat cycling is a technique used to burn off anything that might be leftover from the manufacturing process. We look at this as a plus and can’t help but feel as if most vapes should be, but aren’t, in the same boat.

While the Ghost comes with a couple of atomizers when you buy the standard kit, you’ll probably want to pick up some replacements at one point or another because each atomizer only lasts for about two months before it needs to be replaced. So if you plan on using it a lot, you’ll want to plan ahead. And for heavy users, you may even find that your atomizers are consumed more quickly than what we’ve experienced.

Vapor quality is obviously a big deal when it comes to vaporizers and portable vape pens are certainly no exception. Fortunately, when it comes to this Dr. Dabber vaporizer, the quality is exceptional. For those who prefer to take puffs of light vapor, short draws will do the trick. And for those who prefer those big clouds that have quickly become all the rage in the vaping community, nice long draws will do the trick. Regardless of how you hit and what you prefer, you’ll be happy with the results as the vapor it produces is always smooth and delicious.

For those who like the globe attachments that many vape pens are sporting these days, Dr. Dabber has got you covered. The Ghost’s globe accessory is, in our opinion, an accessory that you shouldn’t go without. It’s fairly cheap, yet high quality, and it allows you to see the vapor that it’s producing. If you’re on the fence, don’t be. Buy the globe. It’s worth every penny.

As far as battery life is concerned, we’re pretty impressed with what the Dabber Ghost can handle. Unlike some portables, there’s no need to charge it daily as a fully charged battery typically lasts us at least a few days before it needs to be recharged. And when it comes time to recharge it, you’ll be happy to find that it only takes a couple of hours to completely recharge.

All things considered, the Dr. Dabber Ghost is one of the best vape pens for concentrates that we’ve ever come across. It’s extremely easy to use, inexpensive, highly portable, and its vapor is absolutely exceptional. We highly recommend it. If you’re looking to pick one up, we suggest you buy it from this store.