Online Discreet Vape Store Closes

The Discreet Vape company, which is owned by Lilly Rucky Ltd., might not be on your radar but their Puffit vaporizers might be and if you want a Puffit, this bit of vaporizer industry news might very well be of interest to you: Discreet Vape no longer sells their vapes direct to consumers through their online store.

That’s right, Discreet Vape has shut its retail doors and now strictly provides their three distinct vaporizers to wholesale customers, who in turn will continue to make them available to retailers through their own stores. But for now, the company is no longer inclined to sell their products directly to the consumers who want them.

For those that aren’t all that familiar with Discreet Vape or their Puffits, the company launched back in 2012 and quickly rose to the heights of stardom in the portable vaporizer scene. While their original Puffit wasn’t, in our opinion, the best by any means, its inhaler-like appearance really caught our attention and apparently we weren’t the only one, as they seemingly sold like hot cakes in their hayday.

After the company released their first vape, they didn’t stop there. Instead, they continued on with their development, eventually releasing two more vaporizers under the Puffit name, the Puffit 2 and the Puffit-X.

What made the Puffit X particularly interesting to us was its innovative design concept: forced-air in a portable. Portables are not typically forced-air vaporizers, meaning that they don’t have an internal fan that moves air or vapor, instead relying on the lung power of users. But this is where X set itself apart – by being the world’s first forced-air portable vaporizer to hit the marketplace.

But now, sadly, Lilly Rucky’s Discreet Vape is no longer offering their innovative product line for sale directly to their customers through their own e-commerce site. No, those days are apparently over. Now, those interested in buying one of their vapes must now rely on the various retailers who still continue to stock their vapes, like this online store.

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