Original Volcano Vaporizer Review

The Classic Volcano by Storz & Bickel is the first in the company’s line of world renown Volcano vaporizers, but while it might be the first, its viability is by no means overshadowed by its successor, the Digital Volcano Vaporizer. In fact, the only real difference between the two incredible bag vapes is the temperature control system. With the original, the Classic, the temperature is controlled via a dial that turns to sail across a vaporizing temperature spectrum that begins at 266 degrees Fahrenheit and ends at 446 degrees Fahrenheit. With the digital variant, the Digit, there’s a digital temperature control system that entails up and down buttons used to increase and decrease the set vaporizing temperature and a nice, big display that shows both the current and set temperatures. While the Digit is easier to dial in to a specific vaping temperature, the Classic is just as easy to use, although you might not know exactly what temperature you’re using. This difference aside, both vaporizers produce top notch vapor that either rivals or exceeds the quality of any desktop vaporizers on the market today. If you’re interested in buying the Volcano Classic, you can click here to buy it today. To learn more about the Classic, continue reading this review.

The Classic is a plugin vaporizer intended for stationary use. It’s not compact and it does need to be plugged into an electrical outlet in order to function. But if these aren’t drawbacks to you, then there’s a really good chance that you’ll thoroughly enjoy what it offers: best in class vapor production, ease of use, and the versatility to vaporize both dried blends as well as liquids — the latter of which it does via its liquid pads.

With the Volcano’s liquid pads, you have the ability to vaporize your favorite liquid blends. All you do is place the pad inside of the filling chamber, drop your liquids on it, and then vape as you normally would.

What we really like about the Volcano beyond its exceptional vapor is its ease of use. Not only is it extremely easy to use, it’s also extremely convenient. In order to use it, simply turn it on, heat it up, and then drop the filling chamber on top of the unit while connected to a bag. The bag, also known as a balloon, is then filled with delicious vapor which you can inhale at your leisure. Once it’s filled, simply remove the filling chamber and balloon from the heating element, disconnect the two from one anther, and then attach the bag to the mouthpiece while momentarily casting the filling chamber aside. Once that’s done, you’re good to go ahead and begin inhaling the vapor that it’s conveniently captured within the bag.

For those unfamiliar with the Volcano vape’s mouthpiece, it’s basically a mouthpiece and valve in one that allows you to simply press it against your mouth when you’re ready to take a puff and in doing so, it automatically opens its valve, which in turn releases the vapor otherwise trapped within the bag. With some balloon vaporizers, the valve requires an additional action on the part of the user in order to open. But with the Volcano, the entire process feels natural as the valve opens when you press the mouthpiece against your mouth. The design is flawless. Literally the most well designed balloon vaporization system we’ve encountered.

Just like its successor, the Volcano Digit, the Classic utilizes convection to create vapor. This process entails the heating of air which is moved through the blend via an internal fan. As a result of its incorporation of an internal fan used to move warm air and vapor, the Volcano vapes are technically classified as forced-air vaporizers.

The vaporizer itself is constructed from stainless steel and food- and odor-free materials. It weighs just 3.5 pounds and measures 7.9 by 7.1 inches.

As is the case with both of the Volcano vapes, the Classic offers two options as far as valves are concerned. The Solid Valve system, which can be cleaned and reused over and over, is constructed from stainless steel and heat resistant plastics. It allows for you to customize the size of your balloons. So if you want to make some absolutely massive bags and fill them with impressive amounts of tasty vapor, this is the valve set you’ll want to use. But if you don’t care much for cleaning and have no desire to customize the capacity of your bags, the Easy Valve is likely the option you’ll prefer. The Easy Valve offers a predetermined bag size and requires no cleaning. Once it has reached its end, simply toss it in the trash and replace it with a new one. In the long run, the Solid Valve’s reusable system will prove to be more cost effective so if you’re looking at your investment over the course of an extended period of time, you’ll want to go with the Solid Valve set.

The Classic is backed by a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty and from our own experiences with their customer service, they truly make it a point to go above and beyond when it comes to servicing their customers.

All things considered, this is one of the best vaporizers ever made. The vapor quality is incredible, it’s extremely easy and convenient to use, the customer support is superb, and it’s great for using by yourself or with your friends. Its only drawback is its high cost. But for those who can afford it, it is truly one of the best. If you’d like to pick one up, we suggest buying it from this authorized Storz & Bickel dealer.