Trippy Stix Review

At first glance the Trippy Stix might appear to be just another vape pen, but do not be misled. What sets this little liquid vaporizer apart from the crowd is its wickless design. Unlike most vape pens designed to vaporize concentrated blends, Trippy Stix utilizes a wickless ceramic heating element that’s capable of quickly vaporizing the its heating chamber contents to produce full-bodied vapor with taste that is hard to match. If you’re already familiar with the Trippy Stix and know you’re ready to buy you can do so from this authorized dealer.

While some vape pens heat up nearly instantaneously, this little vape takes a few seconds to reach optimal vaping temperatures – five seconds to be exact. It’s powered by a lithium-ion battery that is powerful enough to last for up to three hours before it needs to be recharged. And when we say three hours, we mean three hours of continous vaporization, which could very well be the equivalent to days of use depending on how often you use it. When its battery is finally depleted, you simply connect it to the charger and you’re back in action in a matter of hours.

Like many modern vapes, it includes an automatic shut-off feature which kicks into gear after the pen has been left idle for 10 seconds.

In order to use it, simply remove the mouthpiece tip and then insert your blend. Once you’re reattached the tip, hold the power button for five seconds and then proceed to inhale the tasty vapor it delivers.

Speaking of vapor, you’re probably wondering just how good the vapor is that it spits out. After extensive testing, we’re pleased to say that it’s nothing short of amazing. Not only is it clean and tasty, it’s incredibly dense. So if you’re one of the many vapers looking for a compact portable that can really deliver, you’ve found a solid option with the Trippy Stix as it pushes out some serious clouds of delicious vapor.

Given its small size, which is easily compact enough to fit in a pocket, you might find yourself concerned with the notion of it accidentally powering on while it’s resting comfortably in your pocket. Fortunately, its makers foresaw this potential concern and resolved it in an elegant fashion by incorporating a locking mechanism that prevents it from vaping while it’s tucked away in a bag or pocket.

All things considered, the Trippy Stix vaporizer is one of our favorite vape pens. It’s easy to use, inexpensive, scent free, compact, quick to heat up, and best of all, it produces some truly incredible vapor. Just about the only thing it doesn’t do is vape dried blends, but if that’s not an area of concern for you, this is definitely a good vape for the money. If you want to buy it today, we suggest you buy it from this authorized dealer.