The Top 5 Best Vapes In 2017

To help you find the best vaporizer, we’ve compiled this list of the top 5 vaporizers in 2017. While not all of these vapes are all that new, we can assure you that each and every single one of them is worthwhile for one reason or another. The reason why we opted to include vapes from prior years is due to the fact that what’s new isn’t always what’s best. So all the hype aside, here are the top 5 best vapes.

1. Crafty Vaporizer

At the top of the list is our personal favorite, the portable Crafty vaporizer by Storz & Bickel. The reason why this compact beast of a vape makes the top of our list is due to a combination of factors, which we’ll outline below.

Portability. The Crafty is small enough that you can stuff it in a pocket or store it in a bag such as a purse or backpack. And seeing as it has no needs for cords, except when it’s charging of course, it’s 100% portable. For us, this is big. The reason here is that we’re pretty active people so for us, having a portable vaporizer is more of a necessity than it is a luxury. But being portable isn’t enough to warrant making the top of our list so continue reading to find out exactly why this particular vape is so well loved by those of us here at

Vapor Quality. With all vaporizers, the question of just how well it vapes is a crucial one and with the Crafty, the answer to that question is amazingly. This little vape produces some of the best vapor we’ve ever come across. And we say this, we are limiting this comparison to just the realm of portables, but rather all vaporizers – desktop/plugins and portables alike. The reality here is that the Crafty outperforms countless portables and plugins alike. Its vapor is tasty, thick, and yet somehow not overpowering. There are very few portables that can compete with it in terms of vapor quality, which is one of the reasons why we can’t help but love this little vape.

Features. Crafty vaporizers offer a range of features that are hard to overlook and one of the features that we find particularly enticing is its ability to vaporize dried blends as well as liquid blend types such as waxes and oils. This versatility combined with its high level of portability and awesome vapor makes it the best vaporizer around.

The only real downside to the Crafty is its high price tag. It is, unfortunately, not the cheapest vaporizer we’ve come across. In fact, as far as portables go, it’s one of the most expensive around. But if you’re looking for quality and price is not an issue, the answer is Crafty.

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2. Volcano Vaporizer

In particular, we’re referring to the Digit, which is the digital Volcano. While the classic works just as well, its lack of digital temperature controls has us leaning in the direction of the Digit. What really sets this vape apart from the rest is its innovative and easy to use vape balloon system which fills balloons with vapor so that you can casually inhale from them at your leisure. For us, this system is far superior to what any whip vaporizer can offer and as a result, we can’t help but love it. It really is that good. As is the case with the Crafty at the top of this list of the top 5 best vapes, the Volcano Digit is expensive. It is literally one of the most expensive vaporizers on the market. But cost aside, it is the best desktop vaporizer available. Hands down.

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3. Extreme Q

The reason why the Extreme Q, while fairly old at this point, makes our list is due to the fact that it is an inexpensive and reliable desktop vaporizer that offers a range of features and excellent vapor at an affordable cost. For anyone on a budget that’s looking for a solid plugin vape to use at their home, the Q is where it’s at. While it doesn’t vape as well as a Volcano, it doesn’t cost nearly as much, offers features that the Volcano does not like the ability to deliver vapor through a whip in addition to a bag, and it has never let us down. We’ve literally been using the Q for years without any issues and at this point, we’re more than comfortable standing behind it and saying that this is one awesome vape that is well worth the money it costs to buy. So if you’re on a budget, definitely take the Extreme vaporizer into careful consideration because it will not let you down.

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4. DaVinci IQ

While it’s more compact than the Crafty, the portable IQ vaporizer by DaVinci doesn’t have the ability to vape anything other than dried blends. If it could, we’d rank it higher on this list. But as it stands, it is one of the best portable vaporizers for dry blends and given its cost, which is substantially less than the Crafty, we can’t help but add it to this list because it truly is one of the best. Like the Crafty, it comes with an app that allows you to take full control of its heating and features, but unlike the Crafty, it’s incredibly compact. While our reasons for adding it to this list are many, the real reason why we love it is because it produces delicious vapor that is both full-bodied and clean.

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5. Mighty Vaporizer

The Mighty vape, yet another Storz & Bickel vaporizer to make the list, comes in at number five. But truth be told, if the Mighty was more affordable, it would probably find itself higher on the list. Then again, it lacks one critical element that makes portables convenient. What’s that? Small size. It’s big. Bigger than you might expect. If it weren’t for that, it’d probably be our favorite portable vaporizer. But all that aside, it offers much of what the Crafty does, only with some additions that really make it that much more enticing to use. One such feature is its digital temperature controls built directly into it, whereas the Crafty uses an app to control the temperature. Its vapor production is literally top of the line. So if you’re looking for a portable that produces vapor like a desktop unit, look no further, the Mighty is where it’s at. But if it’s portability you need, you’ll want to consider the Crafty and that’s still too big for you, then it’s the IQ all the way.

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