Firefly Vape VS Pax

Wondering how the Pax vaporizer stacks up against the Firefly? Read this comparison to find out.

This is a comparison of the original versions of the Pax and Firefly vaporizers. At this point, there’s now a Pax 2, Pax 3, and a Firefly 2. But for the sake of this comparison, we’re going to be looking at the originals.

When looking at the two, their appearance is obviously quite different. The Firefly loads from the front, whereas the Pax loads from the bottom. The Firefly is clearly larger, but not by all that much. Where we really notice a difference is in the weight of the two devices, as the Firefly weighs about three times what the Pax weighs and the difference is definitely noticeable.

The battery life on the Pax is better than the Firefly’s, but the Firefly does offer the option of swapping out the battery for a fresh one. Both use rechargeable batteries. Notably, some Firefly users have complained about their batteries having problems.

As for how they vape, the Firefly uses convection, whereas the Pax uses conduction. In our opinion, convection, which is the process through which heated air is used to vaporize the blend, is the ideal option. But methods aside, the real question is just how well they produce. For us, both produce decent vapor but the real winner is the Firefly in this regard. To us, it tastes better and seems to produce denser vapor more quickly than the Pax.

Cleaning can be a real chore when it comes to vaporizers, especially portables, and when it comes to these two, the difference couldn’t be more obvious. The Pax is surprisingly difficult to clean, which in turn creates problems with the device that are remedied to some extent through lubrication of the mouthpiece. The Firefly on the other hand is actually really easy to clean. So in this regard, the Firefly is the clear winner.

As far as temperature goes, the Pax has three temperature settings to choose from, whereas the Firefly doesn’t have any preset temperatures and instead relies on the user to manually adjust the temperature based on how long the trigger is held down. Both methods work, but we prefer Pax’s preset temperatures over the Firefly’s guessing game.

All things considered, we like the Pax more than we like the Firefly. But when it comes right down to it, there are other portable vaporizers that we prefer to use – like the Arizer Solo, Mighty, Crafty, Ascent, and the new IQ vaporizer.

If you want to buy the Pax, you can buy it from this authorized retailer. And if you want to buy the Firefly, you can pick one up from this online store.