Firefly Vape Review

The Firefly, a portable vaporizer that debut back in the winter of 2013, quickly received a lot of attention attributed in part to its sleek, future-esque design. But after extensive testing, we’re ready to share our thoughts on this popular portable in this review. Continue reading if you’d like to know exactly what we think about the original Firefly.

When it first came out, we were thrilled to test it out. But after some testing, our excitement quickly diminished as we realized it wasn’t what we were expecting. Our initial excitement was due in part to its appearance, which looks wonderful if you ask us, and the fact that it utilizes convection to produce vapor. But all that was cast aside when we realized that it just didn’t produce the quality of vapor we were hoping for. Does it work? Of course. But does it work well? Not really.

The vapor that it produces is tasty, no question about that, but it’s not the full-bodied, fat clouds we were hoping for. Hardly comparable to the likes of the Mighty and Crafty vaporizers by the makers of the Volcano vaporizers, Storz & Bickel. But this aside, what really gets us is the lack of battery life. It only provides about 20-30 draws before it needs to be recharged. On the upside, it only takes about 45 minutes to fully recharge the battery. Also, the battery can quickly be replaced so if you happen to have a fully charged spare lying around, you probably aren’t too worried about the lack of battery life. But seeing as it’s a portable, having to carry yet another accessory isn’t ideal in our minds and the fact that we can’t make it through the day with a fully charged battery has left us less than impressed.

Adding to our concerns with the battery, we’ve been informed that some users have had to order replacements as a result of their batteries failing. Which is yet another reason why we’re not huge fans of the Firefly.

Another reason why we’re not all that fond of it is its weight. At a glance, you might not realize how heavy it is, but when you hold it, you’ll almost certainly notice that it’s quite a bit heavier than you might expect. It weighs a total of 278 grams, which is just over 0.6 pounds. While this might not sound like much, we can’t help but notice that it’s a little on the excessive side, especially when we’ve got it tucked away in one of our pockets.

On the notion of portability, it is small enough to fit in a pocket, but it’s really not the most convenient portable vape to find yourself carrying around. We see it as more of a portable that you might leave in your car or stuff into a backpack and less of a portable that you’d actually carry around in your pocket. Compare this to the Pax, which weighs just 94 grams, and you’ll realize how much heavier it really is. Even in comparison to one of the heaviest portables we’ve ever tested, the Arizer Solo, it’s still heavy in comparison as the Solo weighs just 230 grams.

As far as usability is concerned, it’s actually quite easy to use. It makes use of just a few buttons so all you really have to do is turn it on and heat it up to begin vaping. Loading it is relatively straight forward, you simply open it up and load your blend, but there’s a twist. It actually works somewhat like the MFLB in the sense that you are manually regulating the temperature based on how long you hold the button down that activates the heating element. As a result, it actually takes some practice to get it down. We like to hold the button for just about 10 seconds, which allows the chamber to heat up to vaporizing temperatures, and then we simply press the button here and there in an attempt to maintain a solid vaping temperature. In reality, it’s easier said than done and due to the lack of a display, we really don’t know what temperature we’re vaping at. Given the relatively high cost of the unit, this lack of a proper means by which to control the vaping temperature just doesn’t seem right.

As for the vapor pathway, an important aspect of every vaporizer, be it a portable or a plugin, it’s a bit interesting how they decided to engineer it. The vapor flows down grooves, touching metal as it flows through to the mouthpiece. This helps it cool a bit before it reaches you and due to the materials used, the flavor is exceptional.

There is one aspect of the Firefly beyond its tasty vapor and replaceable battery that we do like and that is how easy it is to clean. This might not seem like much, but given that some portables are a real nightmare to clean, portables like the original Pax, we feel like this is worth mentioning. Unfortunately, it’s just not enough to counter the various concerns and complaints that we have with it.

All things considered, we do not recommend buying the original Firefly. While the vapor it produces is pretty decent, there are just too many aspects that we’re not impressed with. So if you’re looking for a good portable, we suggest taking a look at some of the other portable vaporizers we’ve reviewed, which you can see here. You may even want to take a look at the new and improved version, the Firefly 2, which, in our opinion, comes as a vast improvement over the original that we’ve reviewed here today. If after reading this review, you find yourself inclined to buy the Firefly regardless of our thoughts on it, you can buy it from this store.