Original DaVinci Vape Still Worth Buying?

An oldie but a goodie. The original, or “OG” as some might say, DaVinci Vaporizer is basically a classic at this point, but it’s still a viable option and in this review, we’ll explain why.

Out of all of the old portables, there aren’t many that really stand out to us, but this particular one does and the reason why is its long list of features, which include the ability to vape both dried blends and concentrated ones. Why does this matter? Well in today’s age, with all of the different types of blends to choose from, having a vape can handle all of them is ideal and that’s what the original DaVinci provides: a vape that can do it all. Just about the only thing it can’t do is fill a balloon full of vapor like a Volcano or Vapir Rise. But that’s not something, that we know of, any portable on the market can do (fill a balloon). So pushing that ridiculous notion aside — which might not seem so ridiculous when someone finally develops one — the DaVinci has it all as far as features go, but then why isn’t it at the top of our list of the best vaporizers? Well, the reason is simple: it doesn’t create the best tasting vapor we’ve ever come across and the battery life is a little less than what we’ve grown to expect. Fortunately, the taste is something that its maker, Organicix, has more than resolved with its Ascent Vaporizer’s all-glass vapor pathway.

But if a taste distortion that we found slightly noticeable but completely tolerable isn’t a big deal to you, then the DaVinci continues to look like an appealing option. We should note that when some of our friends tested the DaVinci, they did not notice any difference in taste when comparing vapor produced by the Ascent. So it’s not something everyone notices – only some, apparently. But seeing as the taste is only one aspect of the vapor quality, it’s time to address the density.

Everyone seems to be all about the thick clouds of vapor these days and when it comes to some portables, it’s just not happening, but with the DaVinci, you can definitely get some pretty good puffs of vapor – nothing like the Plenty, but then again, it’s a portable not a plug-in. In comparison to other portable vapes designed for dry blends, it works great. And it works well with both liquid, dried, and concentrated blend types.

Now that we have the vapor quality out of the way, we’re going to discuss some of the features that really make this vape unique and the most important of those, to us, is the built-in tool. There’s a small metal brush that slides into the vaporizer when it’s not in use so you always have it around and what makes this little tool really stand out to us is its convenience. Its convenience comes in two parts. One, it allows you to quickly clear the heating chamber and two, it’s always there. The latter might not seem all that important, but if you have a similar tool and have run into times when you couldn’t find it or were too lazy to go and get it, the fact that it’s always there is an obvious benefit.

In the end, the question that really matters is should you buy it? If you want a portable vaporizer that vapes fairly well, has a built-in storage compartment and tool, is reasonably priced, and can vape virtually all of the different types of blends, then the DaVinci is a pretty good deal. If you want to buy one, we say go for it. You can buy one here. But if you want what we consider to be a better option for not that much more money, we suggest you check out the Ascent. It’s basically a new and improved, completely redesigned version of the DaVinci, which is now a classic.