IQ Vape Released By DaVinci

The DaVinci Vaporizer company, which is also known as Organicix, has released a new portable vaporizer and it couldn’t have come sooner. The last time DaVinci released a new vape came what was now years ago when they released their widely acclaimed Ascent Vaporizer, which is still one of our favorite portables to date. But now, after much anticipation, their new portable is finally here and while it might look relatively sleek and simple at a glance, we can assure you that it has more than a few technological advancements concealed beneath its otherwise unassuming exterior.

For those familiar with the Ascent, the lack of an OLED screen on the front might be cause for alarm. But while it no longer has a screen, it does have an LED display system that is surprisingly easy to use and if that’s simply not enough, did we mention it has an app that allows you to take complete control with your phone? Oh yeah, there’s that.

But fancy display systems and apps aside, what really matters is the vapor production. And with the IQ, you will not be disappointed as it produces vapor that is thicker and cleaner than most of the portables we’ve come across. No joke. It really is that good. And what it makes it particularly tasty in comparison to quite a few others is its choice of vapor pathway materials – or should we say, material? The entire vapor pathway, which is the path traveled by the vapor it produces, is constructed from ceramic zirconia. What’s the benefit? Well, using zirconia ensures that the flavor of the vapor is not distorted. The reason for this is that zirconia is not only inert like glass, but it remains inert even as the temperature rises to extremes well beyond those used in vaporizers. So even when it’s hot, it remains inert, which ensures that it has no influence upon the vapor. This in turn means that the vapor is always pure as every surface within the vapor pathway, from the oven to the mouthpiece, is made from 100% ceramic zirconia.

With all the features that this new vape boasts, one might be quick to overlook the fact that unlike the Ascent, it’s only designed to support dried blends. So for those looking for a vape to use with waxes, oils, and other liquids, the search continues because the IQ is strictly for dried blends. But while it doesn’t aim to vape it all, it does do the one thing that it’s designed to do exceptionally well: it turns dried blends into pure, thick vapor. Yum.

Currently, the IQ is available in three colors:

  • Copper
  • Gunmetal
  • Blue

It comes with a alcohol wipes and a chimney brush to help keep it clean, a USB charging cable for the rechargeable battery, a tool that attaches to a keychain which makes it easy to stir your blend, a carrying can, and a 10mm adapter.

While it only offers 4 preset vaping temperatures to choose from, any temperature up to 430 degrees Fahrenheit can be selected via the app. Using the Smart Path mode, the vaping temperatures to be used throughout a session can be mapped out in advance. And if that wasn’t enough control over the heating element, there’s even a “Boost” mode that’ll put the heating element in full bore, raising the temperature rapidly until it reaches 430F or until the user lets go of the “Boost” button.

While the battery is rechargeable, it’s also replaceable. So if you feel like carrying around an extra to ensure that you can continue vaping even after the battery runs out, you can. And this might be a good idea as it takes about 3 hours to fully recharge a battery.

But while it takes a while to recharge the battery, the heat-up time is an entirely different story as it takes just 16 seconds to heat up to 230 degrees Fahrenheit. Which means it only takes second to start vaping.

If you’d like to learn more about the IQ and how well it works, take a look at our IQ vape review. If you’re interested in buying it today, you can buy it online from this shop.