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Supreme Vaporizer


Excellent Portable Vaporizer
Posted by eceer on Mar 12th, 2006

Great value. This is easily in the same class as the Volcano. The Supreme Vaporizer is small enough to fit in your pocket and sturdily built.

The instructions are very clear and the only learning curve involves deciding what max temperature is best for you (I rarely go above 290 degrees), and slowly vs. quickly heating the device (slowly allows more control).

When heating slowly, the startup time is about 2 minutes or less. It can be heated more quickly. However, the faster it is heated the more likely one is to burn rather than vaporize (I learned this the hard way). The best method of use is accurately described in the instructions.

Heat disperses rather slowly at first so there isn't much reheat time. Generally 5 to 7 seconds but, of course, a little more depending on how cool it gets.

The taste is great and there is no aroma that I can discern (Well, except that time when I re-learned the importance of following instructions). Non-smokers have said they smell nothing.

The SV can also be used with glass water pipes effortlessly.

This is the second vaporizer I've owned and the third I have used (glass tube and Volcano). It is, by far, the best for my needs. Small and easy to hide. Digital temperature control. Convection, not conduction. Doesn't have to be plugged into the wall. The included torch is insufficient. Just enough to get you started. I got a small handheld torch from the local home improvement store.

I can't imagine anyone being dissapointed with this vaporizer.


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Supreme Vaporizer
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Customer service is excellent. Fast communication and a willingness to answer every question.