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Vaporizer News

12/18/06 - As you may have noticed, we have recently listed a number of new products. If anyone has more information, links, or photos regarding these products, please drop us a line.

12/1/06 - Makers of the Volcano, Storz & Bickel, have just announced a spring 2007 launch of a new digital version of the Volcano. Aside from a digital Volcano vaporizer, they are launching a new disposable, ready-to-use valve balloon design. The new balloon and its disposable valve assembly would be thrown away and replaced after roughly 100 uses.

11/28/06 - A new portable vaporizer, The Pocket Vape, is due to be released in March. It looks very promising: 3 second startup time, ability to be used with a standard lighter, and it seems to hold a very consistant temperature. Check out the videos.

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Welcome to VapeGuide

Welcome to VapeGuide! We aim to be the best vaporizer resource on the net. Unlike other misleading vaporizer sites, we combine product information and user-submitted reviews and let you draw your own conclusions. If you are a vaporizer user, please post a short review - this site depends on feedback from people like you.

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Site Updates

11/25/06 - A few issues with the database have been corrected. If you were having problems registering or posting reviews before, please try again now. Editorial reviews have been posted for the Silver Surfer, Hot Box, Eterra Tulip, and The Vape Standard and we are expecting some brand new products which will be added shortly.

8/5/06 - We have moved to a faster and more reliable server. Everything appears to be functioning normally, please contact us if you encounter problems. We will be posting new editorial reviews for the Silver Surfer, Hot Box, Eterra Tulip, and The Vape shortly.